Search Portland neighborhoods and communities by ZIP Code

Looking for a home, condominium, loft, or house in a particular ZIP Code around the Portland Oregon area? There are currently 31 ZIP Codes within the Portland metro area and each can have specific searches for homes, land, multi residential, or any kind of property.

Portland Real Estate by Zip Code

Here’s a map of these ZIP Codes within the Portland metro area and below the map are specific search results for each of the ZIP Codes.

97231 - Northwest Portland

97203 - St. John’s neighborhood

97217 – Portsmouth neighborhood

97211 - Woodlawn and East Columbia neighborhood

97218 - Alameda neighborhood/Portland international airport

97220 - Park Rose neighborhood

97230 – Argay neighborhood

97233 - Hazelwood neighborhood

97236 - Pleasant Valley/Happy Valley

97266 – Lents/Southgate neighborhood

97216 - Woodland Park neighborhood

97213 - Northeast neighborhoods

97215 - Sunnyside/Mount Tabor neighborhoods

97206 - Brentwood Darlington neighborhood

97222 - Southgate neighborhood

97267 - Southeast Portland neighborhoods

97219 - South Burlingame neighborhood

97201 - Hillsdale and Healy Heights neighborhoods

97221 - Bridlemile and Southwest Hills neighborhoods

97205 & 97109 - downtown Metro Portland

97227 - Lloyds district neighborhoods

97210 - Nob Hill and Hillside neighborhoods

97229 - Northwest Heights/Forest Park Neighborhoods

97225 - Southwest Hills neighborhood

97223 - Southwest Portland neighborhoods

97224 – Tigard/Tualatin

This is the majority of the ZIP Codes and neighborhoods around the Portland metro area but for a more personal level of customer service and search results please Contact Us  anytime. Because I know the downtown Metro Portland area plus all the surrounding neighborhoods and towns, I can help you find the right home, in the right price range for your needs. I look forward to helping you with your home buying experience and helping you find where to live in Portland.