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Sept. 30, 2020

Declutter Like a Pro

Clutter.  It's clogging up our lives! So much so, we need storage spaces to add even more clutter. But can we consolidate that clutter into manageable and even decorative spaces? Yes. Here's how.

#1. Start smallDeclutter Like a Pro

One thing at a time. Don't tackle everything all at once. Start with just five minutes the clutter one thing at a time. Maybe it's that junk drawer or two that you have in the kitchen, maybe it's your closet, the refrigerator, or file cabinet that hasn't seen the light of day in over a year. Start small and choose one item in the house at a time. Once that's done, move on to another room or another item.

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#2. Make four boxes.

You've probably heard of this one before but it does really work. Whether you are tackling all of your clutter issues on a weekend or would like an ongoing process, come up with for plastic boxes or containers and label them storage, donate, sell, or trash. Anything that you need to figure out what to do with, put in one of these four boxes and then little by little put the things in storage or when the box is full, put the box in the back of your car to take to a donation station.

#3. One in, one out (or two)

Anytime you bring something new into the house, send something old out. This works really well with clothing items. If you buy a new shirt, choose one or two shirts that you don't need anymore and donate them, throw them away or cut them up for rags.

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#4. Create a one year box.

Create a box in your office, kitchen or other space in the house and put an item in it that you don't think you'll use. Continue to fill up this box throughout the year and if you've managed not to bring anything back out of the box, it's time to donate or sell the items.

#5. Take pictures once it's de-cluttered.

I know this sounds a little hokey, but taking a picture after you've cleaned up an area gets you motivated to keep it clean. If it looks all neat, organized and tidy, you may be more motivated to keep it that way.

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Whether you are just clearing up your house were planning on staging your home for sale, these are some great tips to de-clutter and keep things de-cluttered like a pro.

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Sept. 28, 2020

The 10 Best Neighbourhoods in Portland, Oregon

About Portland

Portland is an eclectic, vibrant city that is home to many professionals and families. The energy of Portland radiates throughout the city and can be felt through the charming streets and stunning skyline.


The city of Portland is separated into five quadrants, each with their own unique atmosphere and vibes.  North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest Portland all have an array of things to enjoy and places to see. Portland is the perfect city for young creatives and families alike and is a great place to start looking for your next home.


North Portland

·         Boise/Mississippi – the neighbourhood of Boise, also known to Portland locals as Mississippi, is one of Portland’s trendiest neighborhoods. With historic architecture and hot local spots for coffee, eats, and shopping, Boise is an eclectic little neighborhood one must consider when looking for a home in Portland.

·         Arbour Lodge – known for its walkability and proximity to the MAX rail, residents of Arbour lodge enjoy amenities such as the ability to walk and bike almost anywhere in the neighbourhood.


Northeast Portland

·         Alberta Arts District – the perfect community for creatives looking for homes in Portland, the Alberta Arts District is a vibrant community that is home to many galleries, restaurants and bars. Live music can be heard in almost every café in the district, and every month the community association hosts a music festival for residents to enjoy. The Alberta Arts District is the perfect place to grab a gluten free donut and appreciate all of the arts and culture that Portland has to offer.

·         Beaumont – Looking for something a little more suburban? Beaumont is a residential community in Northeast Portland with a little more of a “at home” vibe than others. Quaint, charming homes can be found in Beaumont, as well as many coffee shops and yoga studios to be explored.


Northwest Portland

·         Nob Hill – Shopping, dining, and entertainment can all be found in the energetic neighbourhood of Nob hill. Located in the NW quadrant of Portland and close to the city’s Old Chinatown neighbourhood, there is always something to see in Nob Hill.

·         Pearl District – looking for the charming cobblestone streets Portland is known for? Look no further than the Pearl District. This historic district features original architecture and homes that will take you back in time. The old school charms have been preserved in the recent updating of some of the homes in the area, preserving the antique atmosphere the community has to offer. Whether you are looking for a charming older home or a trendy urban loft, Pearl District has something for everyone.


Southeast Portland

·         Hawthorne – if plant-based living is your thing then Hawthorn in SE Portland is the neighborhood for you. The community of Hawthorne is homes to many locally owned businesses known for their healthy and organic menus. Beloved music and vintage stores can easily be found in Hawthorne – a perfect place to look for your next Portland home.

·         Division – this trendy Portland neighborhood is home to an array of dining and entertainment options that ensure Division residents are never truly bored. Refferred to as the New York City of Portland, Division offers everything from authentic Chinese takeout to exhilarating Bollywood theatre.


Southwest Portland

·         Goose Hollow – Loved by young professionals and creatives alike, Goose Hollow offers a sophisticated atmosphere in the heart of metro Portland. Goose Hollow has many top-rated public schools, perfect for those with children, as well as many restaurants and bars for those looking for a night out. Residents of Goose Hollow enjoy all the amenities that come with metropolitan living. 


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Sept. 21, 2020

The Best Walking & Jogging Trails in Portland

Portland, Oregon is a unique blend of outdoor activities and vibrant arts and culture. With such stunning features such as rivers, mountains, and forests, Portland has a vast collection of pathways and trails perfect for a morning run or an afternoon stroll.

These routes have been proposed by various Portland running sites such as Great Runs Portland and The Portland Running Company.

These trails are some of the most scenic and peaceful in the city and can all be found in the greater Portland area. So, grab your sneakers and a water bottle and check them out soon!The Best Walking & Jogging Trails in Portland

Forest Park

Forest Park in the largest interurban park in the United States with over 5,000 acres of land to enjoy. The park’s elaborate pathway system includes over 80 miles of various trail types for runners with varying preferences. The area can be described as a collection of iconic trails and scenic views – perfect for runners of all levels of experience.

Springwater Corridor

The Springwater Corridor offers both walking/running and biking trails to be enjoyed by Portland residents. This trail runs through the iconic Downtown Portland waterfront as well as many well-known parks and museums in the Portland area.

If you are looking for a trail with waterfront views and easy access, then the Springwater Corridor is a perfect route to try.

Esplanade Loop

Another waterfront, multiuse pathway, the Esplanade Loop along the Willamete River. The many bridges that cross the river helps runners lengthen or shorten the loop depending on their experience levels or preference. The loops can range from two to four miles and offer stunning views of the Willamete River and Downtown Portland.

Washington Park

If you are looking for a challenging trail with varying elevation, the trails through Washington Park are an excellent option for you next run. The area is also home to the Washington Park Amphitheatre and the Portland Japanese Gardens.

This trail can also be used for an afternoon walk or by cyclists as the trails include bike pathways through the park.

Barlow Road

Barlow Road is a historic running route in Portland, Oregon that was first built in 1845 by the Oregon pioneer Samuel Barlow. This trail helped the first generation of Portland residents to the city safely pass the Columbia River and is still enjoyed today by many Portland residents. This scenic run through Oregon’s iconic old-growth forests is an excellent, double pathway to consider for your next run or walk.

If you pick one of the above trails to walk or run, always be safe and enjoy the beauty that Portland has to offer.


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Sept. 19, 2020

Biggest Industries & Top Employers in Portland, Oregon

Biggest Industries & Top Employers in Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Portland, Oregon! A beautiful city nestled between the Columbia and Willamette rivers. This eclectic urban center radiates with small-town charm and all of the beauty that comes from the Pacific North West.

Portland is home to many thriving industries that support Portland residents and their families. With the job market starting to heat up again and the city starting to come back to life, now is the perfect time to learn about the 5 major industries in Portland that you should be keeping an eye on.


Like most major metropolitan areas, the Portland Tech industry has been growing for years, and is projected to do so for the continued future. With over 1700 tech corporations registered in Portland, the industry is a great area to consider if you are thinking of switching industries or going to school.

The Oregon Institute of Technology is based in Portland and offers many programs such as Computer/Information Science and Technology. These growing programs, along with many others, would suitably prepare one for a career in the Portland tech sector.


With the highest concentration of athletic and outdoor apparel companies in the United States, Portland offers many opportunities for those in, or looking to get into, the apparel industry. Companies such as Nike, Under Armour, and Keen all call Portland home and offer many jobs for Portland residents.

Whether your background is business, design, or athletics, the outdoor apparel industry in Portland is a great place to look for your next job. Not to mention that these mega-corporations offer numerous warehouse sales to be enjoyed by those living in the greater Portland area.


With three out of the top ten employers on Portland (see below) in the Healthcare industry, the Portland Healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With over 50,000 Portland residents already working in the Healthcare industry (as of 2017) the opportunities for jobs are ever-growing.

The healthcare sector isn’t just for doctors and nurses – administration, sanitation, and healthcare aid are all potential jobs to be found in the Portland Healthcare industry.

Commercial Shipping

Being only 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean, as well as being situated on two of the largest rivers in the west, the Portland Commercial Shipping Industry is a great sector to consider in the greater Portland area. Commercial shipping jobs in Portland can be found through mediums such as river barging, railroad transportation, ocean shipping, and air transportation. With over 190,000 jobs available in trade, transportation, and utilities in Portland, this is an incredible industry within metropolitan Portland.

Top Employers

The City of Portland reports the following to be the largest employers in the metropolitan Portland area: 

  • Intel Corporation: 14,890
  • Providence Health System: 13,496
  • Oregon Health and Science University: 11,400
  • Fred Meyer Stores: 10,500
  • Legacy Health System: 7,972
  • Kaiser Foundation: 6,731 
  • Safeway Inc.: 6,000
  • NIKE Inc.: 5,742
  • Albertson's Food Centers: 5,600
  • U.S. Bank: 4,138
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Sept. 14, 2020

The Portland Luxury Market – What Can Your Money Get You?

As of September, the average price of a home in Portland is about $485K which can get you pretty far in the market, but what about $900K or $1 million? We want to show you what the Portland luxury market has to offer and show off some of the most stunning properties in the Portland Area.

 Portland luxury market

6220 NW Skyline BLVD. - $7,750,000

This 5-bedroom, 7 bath, 6,887 square foot home is currently the most expensive home on the market in the Portland Area and offers a 50 acre lot. This stunning home features classic farmhouse style with picturesque views of the valley.


Featuring a 18-horse stable and equestrian facility, a second residence, and access to some of the most beautiful property in Portland, this charming acreage is only 10 minutes from downtown Portland.


1075 NW NORTHRUP ST Unit #2812. - $4,295,00

Did somebody say penthouse?


This stunning unit has 3 bedrooms and baths and features views of scenic downtown Portland. This modern unit has many stylish upgrades and features fit for the best. The home offers residents their own home gym, personal sauna, and many fireplaces to cozy up in front of.  This property is situated in the trending, sought after Pearl District.


615 NW 22ND AVE. - $1,499,999

Are you looking for a charming Portland original for you and your family? If so, then 615 22nd Ave is a must see. This amazing family home is just minutes from the grocery store, retail shops, and restaurants and offers access to some of the highest rated schools in Portland.


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This stunning property features modern upgrades such as a new kitchen, windows, and walk-in closets, yet maintains its historic charms through unique features like it’s welcoming front porch and craftsman style.


Residents can enjoy their home gym and their quiet back patio without compromising on walkability.


1503 NE SCHUYLER ST. - $1,499,999

Also listed at $1.49 million is this eclectic Victorian style Bed & Breakfast. This 8-bedroom, 9-bathroom home features 9,212 square feet of stunning Victorian architecture and design. Crown moldings, vaulted ceilings, and elegant design make this a great investment for prospective buyers looking to make a profit off of their next big purchase.


2686 SW VISTA AVE. - $999,999

Hovering just under the million-dollar mark is this classic, English Tudor style home in Raleigh Hills. If you love French doors, exposed brick, and libraries, then this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is the one for you. But don’t be fooled by its antique charm, there is an electric charging station in the garage for electric/hybrid drivers, as well as upgrades in both the kitchen and baths.


This stunning property also has access to some of Portland’s best schools and is close to many shopping and dining options. The grand foyer and dining room demand to be enjoyed – but where else would you want to go if this was home?



If you are interested in any of the listed properties, or want to look at others in the Portland Area, fill out the contact form at the top of the page and an agent will contact you right away!


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Sept. 14, 2020

Tips for First Time Portland Home Buyers

It’s the single biggest purchase of someone’s life – buying a home. So why does it feel like we are never taught how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it?

Take a deep breath – we think this will help.Tips for First Time Portland Home Buyers

We’ve compiled 10 tips you should know before buying your first home in Portland – meant to answer all of your burning questions and put your worries to bed.

1.      The “perfect time” doesn’t exists – only you know when the right time is to buy: Your finances, your savings, your home. Only you know when buying your first home is right, and while the experience might not be perfect the timing will be. Don’t ask too many opinions, trust your gut.


2.      Know your non-negotiables: have a list of things prepared that you must have in your new home. Whether its certain finishing or financings, know what you cannot say yes without. Knowing what you aren’t willing to compromise on makes sure you are nothing but happy in your new home. Side Tip: your budget should be on that list (see Tip #4)!


3.      Get approved BEFORE you find the perfect home: there’s nothing worse than finding your dream home only to find out that you can’t afford it, or worse, that you miss out on it while you’re waiting to be approved. Make sure you know that you are approved before you start your search.


4.      Stick to your budget: going hand in hand with tip #3, know your budget and stick to it. Be clear with your agent about what you are comfortable spending and establish your price point boundaries. At the end of the day, you can only get what you can afford, so there’s no sense in looking for what you can’t have (yet!).


5.      Know your area: do your research! Know what neighborhoods you want to look in to. Consider things like your commute, your hobbies, and your budget.


6.      Expect there to be upgrades and budget for them: while everyone talks about finding their “dream home” there’s always something that needs to be changed up in order for your new house to feel like home. Whether it’s a bathroom reno or a paint jib, set some money aside for those future home projects you may not be expecting.


7.      Don’t forget closing costs: Speaking of unexpected costs, most first time buyers forget to factor in closing costs to their budget. Portland buyers can expect to pay anywhere from 3-5% of the purchase price in closing costs. With the median sales price of a home in the Portland area hovering around $485K, closing costs could come to $14,500 or more.


8.      Trust your relator: we get it – buying your first home is SCARY. It’s one of the biggest purchases someone can make so how can you be expected to put all of your faith into an agent? But remember, your agent has trained, educated, and proven themselves to help make you feel as comfortable as possible. Keep this in mind when choosing your agent in the Portland Area.


9.      Know the market: more research! Do some digging and find out what you can expect to pay for what you’re looking for. Also know the going interest rate, months of inventory, and average days on market to be able to determine if the market is right for you.


10.  Relax!: this should be exciting, not just scary. Our minds may not know the difference, but we sure do, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. So, relax! We’ve got you covered.

Call us! We'd love to help you find the right house in the Portland area!

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What to know about your first military move

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Sept. 2, 2020

The 5 Best Beaches Near Portland

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most majestic and captivating beaches in America, and many can be found right here in Oregon. These beaches are both tranquil and adventurous and offer an array of things to do and see.

Inner CityThe 5 Best Beaches Near Portland

If you’re looking for a relaxing place in the heart of Portland, look no further than these three beaches.

1.      Poet’s Beach – This urban beach is situated on the banks of the Willamette River near the downtown core. Poet’s beach is a small but easily accessible beach near the Marquam Bridge perfect for an afternoon swim or nap. This beach is naturally shallow, making is a great spot for people of all ages and abilities. Poet’s beach is free for public use and can be access by a beautiful river pathway network.

2.      Kelley Point Park – Kelley Point Park is a historic 104-acre park that features picnic sites and beachfront access. Pathways through the park can be used by pedestrians and cyclists and flow through the park’s natural wonders. The sandy beach area can be enjoyed by many; however, water use is often cautioned due to water conditions. Nonetheless, the pristine beach area is perfect for a picnic with friends and family.

3.      Peach Beach – While this beach is technically urban, Peach Beach makes visitors feel completely connected to nature. This quiet park features many picnic sites and pathways for users to enjoy, and many wildlife can also be spotted in the park. This tranquil oasis is a 20-minute drive into Vancouver and is a perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Near Portland

Have a day to kill? Take a 90-minute drive to the coast and enjoy some of the best beaches near Portland.

1.      Cannon Beach/Haystack Rock – The costal city of Cannon Beach is just 90 minutes from Portland and offers iconic views of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Haystack Rock. The beach is great for lounging and surfing – providing something for everyone. Many hiking trails and pathways are also close by for visitors to enjoy.

2.      Rockaway Beach – Stunning views of the mountains coupled with the picturesque views of the ocean making Rockaway Beach a great option for Portland residents to enjoy. Many hotels, Airbnb’s and traditional bed and breakfasts can be found in Rockaway Beach. This coastal town offers an array of dining options as well – making this the perfect weekend getaway.

3.      Sunset Beach – Settled between Seaside and Warrenton, Sunset beach is a small, coastal community 2-hours from Downtown Portland. This quaint recreational area offers over 120 acres of greenspace and beachfront for users to enjoy. The sandy beach is perfect for relaxing or building sandcastles with the family. This pristine getaway is the perfect escape from the busyness of the city for residents to enjoy some down time. There are many hiking and walking trails near Sunset Beach, and as the name suggests, there is no greater place to watch the stunning Oregon sunset than here.

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Aug. 31, 2020

Top Schools in Portland Oregon

Top Schools in Portland Oregon

About the Portland Public School District

Home to almost 50,000 students, the Portland Public School District is rated the second-best school district in Multnomah County. The average student to teacher ration across the district is 18:1 and state testing score show that 48% of students are proficient in mathematics and 61% in reading comprehension.

A network of 81 schools and almost 4,000 teachers, the Portland Public Schools District is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. With commendable funding to both the arts and athletics, the Portland Public Schools District is dedicated to ensuring each student is supported throughout their educational journey.


Elementary Schools

·         Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School – this public charter school serves over 300 students from Kindergarten to grade 5. French immersion is a great competitive edge for children and Le Monde is a highly ranked school in the state.

·         Ainsworth Elementary School – serving kids in kindergarten through grade 5, the 600 students who attend Ainsworth Elementary are awarded some of the highest test scores in all of Oregon. Low income students are seen to succeed at Ainsworth better than the state average.

·         Ridgewood Elementary School – another great public option for K-5 education, Ridgewood Elementary have seen year-over-year growth in student proficiency scores with 78% of students are proficient in reading comprehension and 71% in mathematics.


Middle Schools

·         West Sylvan Middle School – this public middle school for students in grades 6 through 8 is highly rated in many areas. The school supports more academic growth than the state average, meaning student’s test scores have been consistently improving each year. The 876 who attend West Sylvan enjoy a low student to teacher ratio (20:1) and a multitude of programs and athletics.

·         Winterhaven School – Winterhaven offers a unique public education to students from Kindergarten to grade 8. With only 350 students across 9 grades, the student to teach ratio is only 22:1 and students excel in state testing. Students have tested in the upper percentiles for both reading and math proficiency with 93% of students enrolled in advanced courses.

·         Gray Middle School – For students in grades 6 through 8 looking for highly ranked public education, Gray Middle School is a fantastic option. Students at this school test far above the state average for reading comprehension and mathematics. 47% of students at Gray Middle School are enrolled in advanced courses with a 96% pass rate of those courses – 20% higher than the state average.


High Schools

·         Grant High School – the 1,500 grade 9 to 12 students attending Grant High School are well above the state average for college/career readiness. With a graduation rate of 93%, 74% of AP students pass their advanced placement exams. This testing success can be attributed to the level of teachings offered here and the very low student to  

·         Lincoln High School – students at Lincoln High School perform above the state average on academic testing and college readiness. There is a 94% graduation rate amongst Lincoln High students with 81% of students testing proficient in reading comprehension – 30% higher than the state average.

·         Wilson High School – with a 90% graduation rate and 83% of students passing at least one advanced placement exam, Wilson High School offers a great program for students in the Portland area.


Portland is home to many post-secondary institutions that are both public and private. Students have access to an array of resources and programs – some of which can only be found here. Take a look at some of the post-secondary institutions in Portland below.

·         Portland State University

·         Reed College

·         Concordia University


For information on homes near Portland's Best schools, contact me anytime!

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Aug. 27, 2020

Study: More Renters are Entering the Real Estate Market

After dropping to the lowest levels in history in April, the real estate market has bounced back significantly in June and specifically, renters are most optimistic about home buying right now. Despite the current global climates, most consumers think it's actually a good time to buy a home. Renters are the biggest proponent to this right now and first time home buying is extremely favorable.

Perhaps it's the low-interest rates, inventory, and home prices or a combination of all three that's really driving these renters to leave renting behind and move forward into homebuying. Home sales jumped dramatically in May and new listings are coming on the market all the time. If folks have to buy and sell, the current pandemic is certainly not slowing them down.

According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, "pending sales in May, which represent sign contracts on existing homes, jumped a record 44% compared with April. The total inventory of homes for sale at the end of May was 19% lower than May 2019." [Source]

For those that have maintained employment throughout this time, buying is extremely favorable but consumers are still concerned about job security even as employment improves slightly. However, most Americans assume that home prices will strengthen and because home values were already increasing going into this pandemic, the affordability was weakened despite low mortgage rates. Most people assume that mortgage rates will continue to rise over the year but will remain relatively low due to the current climate. This is giving many consumers the freedom to look for homes at their leisure without being rushed or without a sense of urgency to make an offer right away.

However, in many hot markets across the country, homebuying is at an all-time high with escalation clauses in multiple offers. Homebuyers need to get creative in these hot markets, especially one home is priced below market value in a desirable neighborhood. Homes close to top-rated schools, amenities, or subdivisions that offer perks such as swimming pools, clubhouses, and provide a variety of services are in high demand.

Folks that are choosing to buy rather than rent are looking for an all-inclusive neighborhood. We are getting more comfortable walking to her local coffee shop, school, place of worship, or even markets and restaurants. Many consumers are thinking long term knowing that this pandemic will probably not last forever. They're looking forward to buying a home that supplies all of their needs both at home and within the immediate neighborhood. 

Homes that provide the amenities allowing families to be entertained are also becoming highly desirable. Outdoor living spaces, room for a home office, and backyards are some of the top priorities for homebuyers right now, especially those that need to work from home. Buyers are realizing that they don't need a luxury home to provide them with all the safety, sustainability, and amenities of life at home.

For more information on finding your perfect Portland area homes, contact our office at any time. We specialize in helping renters move into the homeownership phase of life and if you need to sell, we offer top negotiating skills and expert listing care.

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Aug. 24, 2020

Homemade Cleaners that Remove Film on Granite Counters

Granite counters are gorgeous, durably long-lasting, and help to increase the value of a home. They are also picky about what they want to be cleaned with. The wrong cleaner can make your granite loose its luster. It is not uncommon to notice a cloudy film across the face of your granite.

Luckily getting rid of the cloudy and unsightly film is not without hope. You can easily buff out the film and you can use some simple homemade cleaners to do it with. Read on to learn more.

First, What NOT to Use on Your GraniteHomemade Cleaners that Remove Film on Granite Counters

Other common countertop cleaners or all-purpose cleaners for home surfaces may seem like they are safe to use on granite, but they can actually ruin the sealed surface on your granite. Items used for cleaning laminate, ceramic tile, linoleum, stainless steel, or butcher block can be harmful on granite.

The biggest no-no’s to use on a granite surfaces include: vinegar, bleach, Windex, Formula 409, and any other cleaner labeled to cut through soap scum build up on tile and plastic. Likewise you should be careful with the cleaning tool you use, try to avoid steel wool, hard bristle brushes, the scrubby side of a sponge, etc.

Homemade Granite Cleaners

Liquid Dish Detergent

One of the best items to have in your home cleaning arsenal is simple liquid hand washing dish detergent. A simple solution of distilled luke-warm water and a couple of drops of dish detergent will do an amazing job at cleaning up your granite. Using distilled water will help to give you a streak-free shine. If you have hard water, this is especially beneficial as the minerals in hard water can leave streaks and cloudy build up behind. You can use this cleaner daily without worry of build-up.

Giving Your Cleaner an Extra Boost

If you have some tough grime on your counters that is not going to be taken care of by just dish soap and water, like spills or hardened food, you can add an extra boost to your daily counter cleaner.

You can do this by adding some baking soda into your soap and water cleaning solution. This will give a bit of gentle scrubbing power to your cleaner and help to deodorize as well. For spills and stains you can apply the cleaner with a soft cleaning cloth and gently rub it into the area when the grime has lifted you can rinse with warm water and buff clean.

Alcohol Based Cleaner for Stubborn Film

Alcohol has the power to quickly cut through the film without soaking into the granite. To make an alcohol film-cutting cleaner, fill a spray bottle with one cup of regular household rubbing alcohol, one teaspoon of baking soda, and the rest of the way with distilled water.

This homemade cleaner should easily cut through filmy grime with little effort. You can use it daily or weekly to keep your granite sparkling.

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For Extremely Tough Stains

If you have very hard and stubborn stains you want to be careful not to let instinct kick in and go to town harshly scrubbing or chipping away at it. Instead, make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply it to the problem area. Let the paste sit on the granite for 15 minutes to an hour. If the paste dries up place a damp cloth over it to wet it again and wipe it away.

Still, having issues with cloudy film no matter what you try? Please call us right away, your stone may need professional cleaning and sealing to bring it back to its former glory.

Selling your home? Contact us today! We offer tips and secrets to getting your home sold faster!

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