Whether you're planning on selling, just trying to squeak out a little bit more profit from the sale, or, it's just time to do an update, saving money on home improvement projects is always a given. $10,000 is not a shy budget, by any means, but it's also not the most expensive or lavish budget either. If you're planning on doing some updates and you have around $10,000 to spare, here are some of the best home improvement projects that will really add value to your Portland home.10 of the Best Home Improvement Projects Under $10,000

#1. Update the bathroom.

If your bathroom still is sporting some avocado colors and baby blue appliances, it's time to update it. Check out the lighting, the color on the bathroom walls, and the hardware for some of the less expensive updates and if you're ready to go big, finding a new vanity with a marble, quartz, or granite top can run you anywhere from $200-$1000. New appliances are really the most expensive thing in the bathroom and a new tub, toilet, or shower can run you anywhere from about $2000-$10,000. It depends on how lavish you want to get. However, updating the bathroom definitely goes a long way in adding value to the home.

#2. Update the kitchen.

The kitchen and the bathroom are definitely the two most expensive places in the house to update but mandatory if you're planning on selling. If your kitchen still has echoes from the 80s or shadows from the 70s, it's time to bring that into the 21st century. You can consider replacing just the countertops or refinishing cabinets or simply painting the room with a new backsplash can really add a lot of value and a modern look to your home.

#3. New flooring.

While carpet will always be around, hardwood floors are definitely in and their timeless. A simple home improvement project could mean simply replacing all of the carpet in the house with hardwood flooring. You can even get synthetic-looking hardwood floor that is much more durable and prevent scratches and nicks unlike real hardwood.

#4. Touch up the interior or exterior paint.

If your rooms have scuffs, marks, and you can clearly see three paint levels deep, it's time to completely redo the paint either interior or exterior. A fresh coat of paint, while one of the cheapest things you can do, can add a world of difference to a home.

#5. Install a walk-in closet or additional storage.

No matter whether you are a buyer or just a homeowner, extra storage is huge. It's practical, will always get used, and adds value to the home. Consider adding an extension onto the house for additional closet space, converting a smaller room into additional storage space, and add built-ins.

#6. Consider an open floor plan.

A lot of the homes in the 70s and 80s simply don't have a practical floor plan for entertaining and open space. Simply knocking down a non-loadbearing wall will open up the entire area. This is a major project, however, and it might sound daunting but it doesn't have to be. If there's one wall separating two rooms, and it's not loadbearing, you can knock down a wall and create a bigger bedroom or just a more open space for entertainment.

10 of the Best Home Improvement Projects Under $10,000#7. Replace Windows.

I would only suggest this if you absolutely have to. Replacing drafting windows with double-pane, windows that have lost their seal, or the frame around the window will add to the efficiency of the home as well. While it's one of those thankless upgrades, it can definitely add value and energy efficiency overall.

#8. New HVAC or AC system.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that not every home has AC. Installing it could be a great selling point for buyers. While we don't have a lot of hot days during the summer, those days without air conditioning can really be brutal.

#9. Expand the indoor/outdoor living space.

With more people working from home and simply spending time at home, the outdoor space is just as important as the inside. Consider a beautiful new patio, deck, and outdoor kitchen, hot tub, or beautiful outdoor furniture they can bring to life a beautiful backyard.

#10. Consider smart home systems.

Smart home technology, programmable thermostats, and security systems that are completely online and activated with a touch of your smart phone, are really in. You can find a wealth of information on smart home systems perfect for any budget.

If you're ready to sell, now is a great time. Prices are going up all the time and waiting until summer might bring on more competition so selling now could be a great idea. However, if you want to squeak out every little bit of profit from the sale, consider updating your home in one or all of these areas.

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