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What You Should Know About Buying Multi-Family in Portland

If you've been considering jumping into the multi-family real estate world there are some tips to know before making the big step. 

Can I Buy a Portland Home Over the Phone?

How much does your mobile device mean to you? Is it with you 24 hours a day? Do you use it to check the weather, your bank accounts, Facebook messages and emails? What about using it to choose a home? According to a new article by the Wall Street Journal ...

Zero Down Home Loans in Portland Oregon?

The government’s USDA loan has provided first-time homebuyers and zero down loan option for rural areas of major metropolitan cities such as Portland. But according to a new article in the Oregonian, some not-so-rural areas will remain eligible for government guaranteed, zero ...

House or Condo in Downtown Portland?

Portland Oregon has many downtown condominiums, lofts and town homes for sale but the outlying area is full of residential neighborhoods with beautiful single-family homes and duplexes. Deciding which works best for you is up to your budget, your lifestyle, and your needs.

What to Know about Buying an Historical Home

Some buyers love the opportunity to purchase a historical vintage style home but if you've never lived or owned a historical home or even one that's considered an "antique" there are some things to know before purchasing.

What You Need to Buy AFTER Buying a House

The final bill on the house doesn't end once you sign those documents, here are other expenses to buying a house.

What Should I Know about Moving to Portland?

I love the Portland area and I love living, working and playing here but if you've never been here or you have but just for a visit there are some things that you should be aware of before relocating to the Portland Oregon area. Here are some of the ...

How Long Does it Take to Buy a House?

Buying a house is a fun and exciting time but it can certainly get stressful somewhere along the lines, especially if you are unprepared. Knowing the process can make the transaction go a little easier but everyone still wants to know; how long will this process take?

Can I Buy a Home from a FSBO

Can I buy a home from a FSBO and still use my agent? As a buyers agent I help first-time buyers and repeat buyers find the right home for them and sometimes that means finding them a FSBO (for sale by owner). Just because you are using a real estate ...

5 Myths You Probably Believe About Real Estate

Real estate doesn't have to be complicated but in today's market so many people believe so many falsehoods about real estate that it can really steer people away from using a professional when it comes time to buying or selling a homeHere are five myths about home ...