10 Brilliant Storage Solutions When Downsizing

If you're ready to downsize but not quite ready to get rid of a lot of your staff, maybe all you need is some creative storage solutions. Here are 10 really in storage ideas for those that are downsizing but would still like to hang on to a lot of their personal belongings.

#1. Shelving up high.

You can put shelving above the toilets, along the top edge of a room, or above cabinets in the kitchen if there is space. Surprisingly, you can add a lot of storage simply by adding shelves on a blank wall that's not being used.

#2. Wall racks behind the doors.

Whether it's a pantry, closet, or hallway storage area, you can add wall racks and hanging storage options on the backs of doors and closets practically doubling the space.

#3. Hooks.

Hooks are a great way to get organized. It's a great storage solution for small spaces including the laundry room, entryway, garage, bathrooms, pantries, and closets. Hooks can hold umbrellas, hats, dog leashes, keys, and just about anything else that can hang.

#4. Ottomans the double as storage bins.

When decorating living rooms and family rooms try to go with furniture that doubles as a storage area. Whether it's drawers underneath the couch or an ottoman that doubles as a storage bin.

#5. Baskets.

Baskets are not only decorative but they can hold a lot of stuff depending on the size. You can add labels to them, tuck them away in kitchens and closets, and they're an affordable storage option.

#6. Drawer organizers.

Simply having drawer organizers stacked on top of each other you can double or even triple the space in drawers.

#7. Stackable toys storage.

Modular bins and Rubbermaid containers are perfect for stacking and you can label the outside and stack more on top of the flat lid. They come in lots of different sizes so you can find the size that works for your area.

#8. Storage beds.

Don't let that space under the bed go to waste. A storage bed is perfect when downsizing to smaller rooms and they come with 2 to 4 or more drawers underneath.

#9. Hanging racks.

Hanging racks and a garage is perfect for bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and any other outdoor recreational item.

#10. Utility holders.

Getting a wall-mounted utility holder is perfect for garages, closets for mops and dustpans, mudrooms, outdoor spaces, and pantries.

When downsizing, purge as much as possible or invest in a storage unit if you want to keep some nostalgic items that you just don't need to keep out any longer.

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