No one likes to sit on the market any longer than they have to so if you're doing a little bit of research on how to sell your home faster, start with these 10 features.

#1. Energy Star certification.10 Features That Will Make Your Home Sell Faster

81% of homebuyers are looking for an Energy Star certified property and home buyers are willing to pay up to $8000 more on average for homes that can save them over $1000 a year in utility bills.

#2. Hardwood floors.

There are a lot of vinyl and laminate flooring options out there that might look like hardwood flooring but a lot of homeowners are really looking for the real thing. Hardwood flooring has a reputation of being durable and stands the test of time, however, there are a lot of flooring options out there today that is even more durable than hardwood floors even though they may not last a lifetime.

#3. Walk-in pantry. 

Walk-in pantries used to be the norm 50+ years ago but now we have simple closets or just cupboards in kitchens so buyers are really looking for a walk in pantry. 83% of homebuyers are looking for a larger pantry to house all of the kitchen items you just don't want to put in a cupboard.

#4. Outside lighting.

Nearly 85% of homebuyers are looking for some sort of outside lighting and while it's not mandatory, it can serve many functions such as enhancing the landscape and promote safety.

#5. Ample garage storage.

85% of homebuyers are looking to have additional storage systems in the garage. 36% of homebuyers called this feature essential.

#6. Ceiling fans.

You can improve your home's appeal and cut down on energy costs simply by installing a few ceiling fans throughout the house.

#7. Outside entertainment or patios.

87% of buyers are looking for some sort of outside or outdoor entertainment space. A patio can add curb appeal and potentially increase the value of the home. The National Association of Realtors said that a patio addition can have 69% return on investment ranking it fourth among outdoor projects that add value.

#8. Energy Star Windows.

Did you know that nearly 90% of buyers are looking for Energy Star rated windows? This is because they can save on energy and they know they won't have to have them replaced for several years. Nine and 10 buyers want these types of windows because energy Star windows can save nearly $500 a year compared with single pane windows.

#9. Practical laundry room.

Homebuyers are not looking for a scary basement to do laundry and or laundry machines out in the garage. They're looking for a laundry room that's accessible to bedrooms and the rest of the house. Ideal laundry rooms have tables, places to fold or hang clothes, and cupboards for cleaning supplies.

#10. Energy Star appliances.

Here we are back at that energy Star thing again, but buyers are really looking for Energy Star appliances. It seems anyway a buyer or homeowner can save energy costs throughout the year is a good feature to have when selling.

So, is there anything you need to change, replace, or add on to your home before selling? If you have specific questions about selling your Vancouver or Portland home feel free to call us at any time.


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