10 Home Renovations that "Spark Joy"

Did you know there was something called a "Joy Score"? You may have heard of Marie Kondo and her mantra about getting rid of anything that doesn't "spark joy" but the Joy Score is actually developed by the National Association of Realtors and reflects a homeowner's happiness with their home renovations. You can read the full article over on MSN Money but here are the top 10 things that can spark joy for homeowners and potential buyers.

#1. A new bathroom.

More homeowners reported happiness with at least three bathrooms in a home rather than one and buyers will agree. Adding a new bathroom means you're not just painting the old one but adding a fresh new look and a practical and reasonable room in the house.

#2. New flooring

And not just any flooring but wood flooring. This is a common upgrade and most homeowners spend just $3200 to complete an indoor flooring replacement. The NAR responded that nearly 78% of homeowners had a bigger desire to stay in their home after completing a wood floor project.

#3. Basement conversion.

If you're tired of looking at concrete walls and floors or your basement is just crammed with unnecessary storage, 85% of homeowners responded with the joy after completing a basement into a living room area. It adds more livable space, a separate living environment, and just more joy overall having that extra family room or playroom.

#4. New roof.

While it may not be something you look at every day, the security of having a new roof that will prevent leaks and secure your entire house better gives homeowners a 75% increase in their sense of accomplishment.

#5. New wood windows.

Even new energy-efficient windows gave homeowners and over 70% Joy score by replacing their windows with wood windows or new vinyl windows.

#6. New garage door.

This is also an inexpensive and fairly quick renovation. Garage doors come in all designs and colors these days and can really be a bowtie for the front of your house.

#7. New front door.

This can be an inexpensive renovation but it comes in with a joy score of 9.7. Having a new friend or even a new steel front door can help boost the value of your home by up to $6000.

#8. Full interior paint job.

Homeowners reported a 9.8 score for an entire interior paint job. It refreshes the entire house and 88% of homeowners responded that they have a greater desire to be home now that all the walls look fresh and new.

#9. Closet renovation.

A closet renovation gave the joy score of 10 out of 10. A disorganized closet is a daily inconvenience and more survey respondents reported a higher joy score when they have a neat, organized, and spacious closet.

#10. Full kitchen upgrade.

The joy score was 9.7 out of 10 for a kitchen upgrade. 85% of homeowners have a greater desire to be at home and have greater enjoyment while at home with a new kitchen. This could mean new counters, cabinets, flooring, and appliances.

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