10 Things All New Homeowners Should Know - 3

#8. Change out your air filter.

Any filters in the house should be replaced unless this is a brand-new house. This would be your air filter on your furnace or heat pump, filters in the bathroom fan, and your filter above the range. Write down the sizes and type or model number of these filters in your home binder.

#9. Invest in new tools.

Unless you're moving from one house to another, you might need to start a tool collection. Perhaps you need garden tools, handyman tools, and other items. Always a good idea to have a screwdriver both Phillips and Flathead, hammer, wrench, pliers, electrical tape, tape measure, level, and a few miscellaneous screws and nails. - Thanks to Orlando Buyers Broker for their input

#10. Put large projects on hold.

Make a checklist of all of the projects that you want to complete but then do them one at a time. Most homeowners get into a house with grandiose ideas and it can seem overwhelming. Home improvement projects can be expensive so avoid completing unnecessary projects unless your home is not livable. Wait until you've lived in the home for about six months to start any major projects and upgrades.

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