10 Things All New Homeowners Should Know

Congratulations! You've just purchased your first home excavation Mark or, maybe your second, third, or even fourth home. But, if you don't do this that often, and most of us don't unless we are real estate investors, you might need a refresher course on what to do as a new homeowner. These things never go out of style and if you want to be better prepared, there are some things to know about your home and location. Here are 10 things all new homeowners should know whether this is your first home or your 10th.

#1. Create a folder for homeowner information.

This might be a file on your computer or an actual binder that has information such as mortgage information, your homeowner's insurance declaration page, any guides and warranties for appliances, and any moving expenses that you might need to hang onto to deduct from your taxes. This binder can continue to grow with all tax information, insurance, and mortgage so it's all in one place should you need it… And you probably will in the future.

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#2. Change the locks.

Unless this is a brand-new house it's a good idea to change the locks on garage doors, front doors, and anything else that the previous owner might have access to. You never know who they've given out keys to so this could also include outbuildings and sheds that lock as well.

all homeowners should know these 10 things

#3. Learn how to identify potential problems in your home.

You probably had a home inspection but now you're getting an up-close and personal look at your home. So you'll need to learn to recognize the signs of a roof leak, foundation issues, and any mildew or mold smells that could cause more problems. Anytime you catch these issues early you can save a lot of money and prevent a lot of damage.

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