The kitchen is probably one of the most prominent rooms in the house in which buyers are drawn to. It's important to make this room shine as much as possible. This is more than just clearing off the counters and wiping down the floors; it takes a little bit of finesse to really make your kitchen stand out from all the others the buyers may be seen. Here are 10 quick fixes that will make your kitchen pop.

#1. A new backsplash.Kitchen hacks to compete

This doesn't have to be as expensive as it sounds. A simple backsplash either from tile, pre-made fabricated backsplash sections, or even just a decorative paint design can really make the entire kitchen pop.

#2. Accents. 

Simple, well-thought-out accents can bring out the beauty of your kitchen. This could mean new hardware on the cabinetry and drawers, accent lighting, new fixtures, or just a big bowl of fresh fruit.

#3. New faucets.

This might be the best time to get a new faucet or hardware for your sink. There are so many new designs out there that the simple spout coming over the sink is completely outdated. Take a look at your local hardware store about all the available options and the unique tricks and hacks they do now.

#4. Expand your counter space.

Consider having a rollaway Island or cutting board that's easy to access yet tucks away for easy cleanup. This will show buyers there's plenty of space and additional space when needed.

#5. Redoing your cabinets.

Okay, this is not a quick and easy fix but it can work miracles for your kitchen. You might want to consider replacing the cabinets and replacing doors or cabinet fronts to give your kitchen a facelift.

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#6. Consider open shelving.

Maybe you want to do away with the cabinets altogether. Having open shelving forces you to keep things neat, tidy and orderly and creates a unique look for the kitchen.

#7. Use accent rugs.

Accent rugs are a unique way to warm up the kitchen. Plus, greenery, cookbooks, and other momentous things can really cozy up the kitchen.

#8. Showcase your favorite area.

Just because you can't replace everything in the kitchen, you can focus the attention on one amazing thing. Perhaps you have an awesome range. Accent that by putting lighting around it or great backsplash. Perhaps you have awesome counters, don't cover them up but make them shine.

#9. Consider an island.

An island can give you a lot of extra counterspace but make sure you don't do this if you really don't have the space. A kitchen island can offer great additional storage and a can be matching with the rest of the kitchen or a complete contrast, adding that accent popular looking for.

#10. Matching appliances.

Now, I'm not saying to run out and buy all new appliances, but maybe you have that one appliance that doesn't match the rest of the kitchen. This is the time to upgrade so that everything matches and looks cohesive.

Buyers certainly are picky when it comes to the kitchen but by making these adjustments, even just a couple, you can really make your kitchen shine and stand out among your competition.

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