8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

No, we don't like to start thinking about it but whether we like it or not, winter is fast approaching. I know, we just entered into the first day of fall yesterday but people are starting to feel that nip in the air and look toward fall. I don't know about you but I happen to love fall when all of the trees start to change color, kids go back to school, and you feel the chill on the wind.

If you're looking at winterizing your home or perhaps you have a vacant home on the market, it would be a good idea to consider winterizing or prepping for winter in case the home sits for several months. Here are eight things to consider when prepping your home for winter.10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

#1. Give your home an energy audit. Figure out where you can save money on heating and cooling and sign-up for home energy audit with cleanenergyworksoregon.org.

#2. Check furnaces and water heaters. Before you have to kick on that furnace it's best to give your furnace a good tuneup and service plus replace the filter. For your water heater, you can reduce expenses by up to 35% by replacing an old, outdated and an efficient water heater.

#3. Double check the roof. Now is the time that rain will start to fall and you'll want to check the quality of your shingles and composition roof. Did you lose any or are any missing? It would be best to prevent expensive repairs in the future by doing them now before snow hits and before the real downpour could create a leak inside.

#4. Check the installation. Double check for proper weatherstripping, door jams, wall seals,  and attic insulation to make sure that you're not wasting energy costs out to the roof or the windows.

#5. Check the batteries on smoke detectors and alarms. Now is a good time to check and simply replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors so you're ready for fall and winter.

#6. Remove any portable air conditioning units. Remove the window air-conditioning units that they do not bow the windows or lose insulation and heat through the gaps. If you do choose to keep them installed cover the outside with protective insulation.

#7. Double check your thermostat. Now might be a great time to consider a new thermostat like the NEST which can control your big heating, cooling and spending needs with advanced technology. It's a great device and something you might consider before you need to kick on that furnace.

#8. Exterior paint. Now is also a great time to check for peeling or blistering paint. These faulty conditions could let moisture in and cause the siding to deteriorate or even worse, cause mold and mildew, which could create respiratory issues.

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Yes, now is a great time to consider winterizing your home whether you've got it up for sale or your currently living in it. For more information or to tips on getting your home sold this fall and winter please give me a call today.