The more you automate your payments and savings, the more it's off your mind and before you know it you're saving more than you thought. Round every transaction up to the nearest dollar amount and at the end of the week balance your checkbook and transfer the extra into your savings. Remember, you still have to set aside time to do this.

Learn New Skills

Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by learning to fix things yourself. With YouTube, there's almost nothing you can't research and find out how to do on your own. So whether it's changing your oil or fixing a plumbing problem, you're saving a boatload in parts and labor by doing it yourself.

Don't Be Drawn to the Media

Watching the stocks and investments too closely could send you into a panic. It's best to turn off the TV and listen to positive affirmations rather than when to sell and what you buy. STick to your plan and don't sabotage your efforts in building wealth.

Be Methodical

Find a method that works for you. What works for one person may not for another. You have to find the tools that work and you can stick with. IF you need to ask for feedback and when you fail or fall, get up and get going again rather than give up,


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