Find a Coach

You can get a coach for anything these days and maybe just a meeting a month will keep you focuses. Life coaches don't tell you what to do, they keep you on task for what you want to do. Daily or weekly reminders about keeping you on task, listening to podcasts or reading books and blogs are great ways to keep your finances a priority.


Yes, visualizing your goals really works. Create a vision board or just put affirmations on your fridge, mirror, or nightstand so you are motivated by your goals every day. What will your goals look like and how will you feel when you achieve them? Simply visualizing the results can put you in a better place overall. 

Don't Forget Yourself

Take time to find joy in the process. Reward yourself from time to time without going backward. You want to stay motivated and inspired but if you're constantly looking toward the future instead of enjoying the journey now, you'll burn out quick. Take the time to enjoy your life today.

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