Whether you're planning on buying a home this year or just want to gain some financial freedom, making, creating and sticking to a budget and financial plan does take some will power and discipline. But what do you do when you want to cheat? Adapted from an MSN Money article, here are 10 ways to stick to your financial plan. 


Make the Plan and Set Aside Time to Focus on it.

Where your focus is, that's where your energy will flow. If you never think about it or carve out any time to focus on it, it just won't happen. If you're a planner, write down an hour a week to go over your finances, see if you are on budget and on time and then put your financial plan somewhere where you can see it every day. Maybe on the fridge or the bathroom mirror. Keeping it in front of your face will keep it fresh in your mind and top of your priority list.

Set Realistic Goals

Don't set long-term, 5-year plans with thousands of dollars in the bank... just yet anyway. Make realistic goals that you can achieve in just a couple of months. The progress will motivate you to keep going and help you achieve bigger goals along the way. 

Make Daily Goals

Just like in weight loss, nothing happens overnight but you can decide to make daily choices that help you toward your goal. Skip the latte a couple of times a week or take your lunch to work more often. Balance your checkbook or transfer a small amount into savings. Do something little a day to help you get closer to your goals.



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