We're always looking for ways to add value whether it's to ourselves with the pedicure, manicure, or great new haircut, or our home. Even if you're not selling your house, adding value is something that not just improves the value monetarily wise, but it makes you feel good when you look around a clean and highly valued home. If you're looking to update your house a little bit, here are 15 easy ways to add value and style to your house.

#1. Increase your storage space.12 easy ways to add value to your home

If you're tired of dealing with clutter and not enough space, it's time to put up some shelves. You can put shelves under staircases, in a basement, in a closet, and drawers under the bad, or just about any place that is a non-currently non-usable. Do you have a space on your wall that is just blank and ugly? Time to add shelves. You can pick up some pretty inexpensive shells that most big-box stores.

#2. Add a wireless security system.

Traditional wired security systems can be bulky and expensive but many of the new systems are more affordable. Simply installing a Ring doorbell to your front door can add value and security to your house.

#3. Add a crown molding.

Crown molding can make any room look more elegant and it's not an expensive upgrade.

#4. Upgrade kitchen appliances.

Now, if you do this all at once it's a huge expense, but little by little you can replace kitchen appliances until everything matches and looks updated.

#5. Consider painting the floor.

Instead of ripping out the flooring and read doing it all, you might try repainting old floors either old concrete or wood floors for a new look.

#6. Update cabinet hardware.

This is a very cheap fix that can really add a new fresh look to the kitchen.

#7. Replace a faucet.

New faucets and kitchens and bathrooms can make it look so much more up-to-date. There are several designs to choose from and if you're trying to match things, this could be a good way to pull the entire theme together.

#8. Add fresh caulking around your tub and toilet.

If you can't remember the last time you recall your bathtub, it's probably overdue. This is an extremely cheap fix and it can not only secure and waterproof your bathroom but it can really bring up bright, fresh look to the room.

#9. Repaint the front door.

You could replace your front door but this can be an expensive update. Just a little bit of TLC by refinishing it, repainting it, and adding new hardware can make a world of difference.

#10. Add lighting outside.

Adding lights on a walkway to the exterior of your home can improve the properties curb appeal and the safety of your house.

#11. Update the kitchen backsplash.

Maybe you've never had a backsplash or you want to add something new. Updating and replacing the backsplash can add an entirely new look to an old and outdated kitchen.

#12. Add ceiling fans.

Not only will a ceiling fan reduce energy costs, but they come in so many attractive finishes and designs now that you can really change the look of a room simply by replacing the fan.

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