Major upgrades are on the way! 12 local Portland schools received an improvement bond for $11.2 million for renovations and repairs. This bond was approved by voters back in 2012. The updates to these 12 schools will begin this summer, which is twice as many that were updated from last year.

More than half of the Portland Public Schools were built before 1940; which means many of them are in need of major repairs. The district chose 12 schools by determining which schools were in need of a roof replacement, accessibility improvements, seismic rehabilitation, and science classroom improvements.

With an estimated cost of $5.9 million, upgrading the roofs is the largest project. Randy Miller, Director of Project Management for Portland Public Schools says “As part of the re-roof project, when it’s appropriate we are also combining some seismic, where we are tying the diaphragm into the walls as well as parafoot bracing, which is what you see on our parafoot walls around us.”

Other improvements include enhancing accessibility for students with disabilities by adding three new elevators, door levers, and ramps. Next on the list is upgrading science classrooms to incorporate new sinks, electrical features, and flooring improvements. 

The 12 schools include Arleta (K-8), Beach (PK-8), Boise-Eliot/Humboldt (PK-8), Chief Joseph/Ockley Green (K-3), Creston (K-8), Grout (K-5), Hosford (6-8), James John (K-5), King (PK-8), Lane (6-8), Vernon (K-8), and Woodlawn (PK-8).

For more information about the school makeovers, visit Portland Public Schools