15 Cleaver energy saving hacks

Wow! It seems like the weather has turned overnight and we are full on into fall weather even though the calendar still toys us with thinking that it is summer. But it is clearly headed towards fall and some cooler temperatures so because of that, I want to talk about clever hacks and unique tricks to saving energy.

#1. First, do an air leak test.

Go around your house and feel any gaps or openings around fireplaces, windows, doors, and vents that may be letting in colder air than you would like. See if you can caulk or seal these gaps before winter hits.

#2. Use a high-tech programmable thermostat.

Thermostat such as Nest® work on a programmable system and can be trained depending on when you're home and when you're not. This can save a lot of money over the course of the year.

#3. Insulate any crawl spaces or ductwork.

Simply by insulating your ducks and crawl spaces in the attic and floorboards, can save a huge amount of energy and money.

#4. Use less hot water.

Washing your clothes in cold or lukewarm water will actually save a lot on energy costs. Turn down your water heaters temperature so that you're not actually using that much hot water and you're not having to adjust the temperature in your bathroom is often.

#5. Consider a water heater timer.

This device allows you to program the time when your water heater activates and deactivates during a 24 hour period. Have it turn on based on your hot water usage and save the money when you're not using it.

#6. Change your furnace filter regularly.

Homeowners should change the furnace filters about once a month which will help extend the life of the furnace and help with air quality in the home.

#7. Every time you have to replace the bulb use Energy Star products such as CFL bulbs.

#8. Plug electronics into a power strip.

Electronics can pull a lot of energy even when they're turned off so plugging them into a power strip and then turning off the entire strip will actually save a lot of money.

#9. Drain and clean the water heater.

If you drain and flush out the tank with the sediment at the bottom, it will make your water heater work much more efficiently.

#10. Seal up a non-used chimney.

Fireplace chimneys can suck the warmth right outside of your house so if you're not using your chimney, a special balloon or chimney top damper will block the chimney and insulate your house better.

#11. Use winter curtains.

These dark or "winter curtains" will help save energy and keep the cold air out.

#12. Seal any small holes in the attic, underneath sinks, around vents, windows, and outlets.

#13. Turn down the heat when you can.

For every degree you lower the thermostat, you'll save 1% on your energy bill. You may have to wear extra clothes or use room heaters, but you'll save money in the long run.

#14. Consider a tankless water heater.

There are pros and cons to a tankless water heater but they can eliminate the extra cost of keeping 50 gallons of water hot in a storage tank so you waste less energy.

#15. Keep frozen bottles of water or ice packs in a barely used chest freezer.

Your freezer works extra hard when there's not as much stuff in it. By placing gallon jugs of water to freeze inside a half empty freezer will cut down on how hard it runs.

Just by doing a few of these things you'll notice lower energy bills and a healthier home!


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