Just like with clothing, every year brand new interior design trends come around. It can be fun to update the look of your home and bring it into current times. Some trends are purely for looks and others can actually help improve the quality of your environment. Here are some current bedroom design trends that could help you get a better night’s rest.

Bringing the Outside Inside2022 Bedroom Design Trends that Promote Sleep

One of the current big trends in design is taking on the Norwegian way of life known as friluftsliv. This is pronounced “free-loofts-liv.” The Norwegian concept is centered around spending a majority of your time outside no matter the weather.

Recently many people have been taking this philosophy and using it when it comes to interior design by creating spaces that feel like you are outdoors. This is done through many different strategies like hanging artwork that showcases amazing nature scenes, using driftwood elements and other natural material, sticking to soft colors found often outdoors, and utilizing natural textures like jute.

This creates an instantly relaxing atmosphere that has your bedroom not only looking amazing but also helping you to release stress and get ready for some sleep.

Wellness Design

Since the pandemic had so many of us spending time in our homes and had us taking on a mindset of feeling caged in or trapped many homeowners adopted a wellness design aesthetic. This is a trend that focuses on design aspects that bring benefits for physical and mental health. This is done with the use of organic textiles and eco-friendly items that helped create calming spaces.

This can be done in the bedroom with the use of organic bedding that is of the utmost comfort that has you excited to crawl into bed at night. Additionally, you could bring in some house plants that help to make the air even better to breathe and let go of the use of any blue light electronic devices inside the bedroom.

Making a Space More Personal

The desire to create a space that is truly and deeply personal has picked up in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. There are several high-style spaces across the country now showcasing family heirlooms in new and creative ways. This could be through displaying a gallery wall of retro family photos or stacks and stacks of childhood books that bring back fond memories.

Some super creative home designers are using this personal trend in the bedroom by taking beloved pieces of fabric from items like old clothing or a favorite stuffed animal and turning them into a chic and artistic quilt for the bed. What could be more comforting than snuggling up in all of your old favorite memories?


This is a recent style trend that blends both Japanese and Scandinavian minimalistic designs. It is the term you may have heard of if you have been watching any design organization shows over the last few years. It is a new way of taking on minimalist interior design.

Keeping a bedroom simple and clean yet lux feeling well instantly creates an area that feels like it’s already for letting go of the day's stresses and releasing everything in trade for some rest.

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