If you are planning on selling your home within the next six months you are probably wondering what you can do to maintain its value, increase its value, or simply not lose its value. Prices in the Portland real estate area are going up tremendously but if you have some issues with your home, it could damage the value. Whether you're planning on staying in your home or selling within the next year, make a checklist of these three items to verify that you're not losing the value of your home.

#1. Mold issues.

Mold in house

Mold is one of the biggest things that can damage a home's value and it's usually not something you know about until you have the home inspection. To the naked eye, mold can be hiding within your walls and you never even know it. If you have a basement or if you've ever had a water leak, you could have the potential to have mold and mildew. Black mold can be hazardous and definitely decrease the value of your home.

What you can do is have a home inspection now, before listing your property. Most homeowners don't do this until they list their home and then the homebuyer conducts the home inspection, then, it may be too late and buyers might be turned off from the home altogether. Have your own inspection ahead of time and correct any issues, specifically mold. Many inspectors can also offer remedies and resources to get the issue fixed.

Additional: Western Washington Association of Inspectors Says: More can be repaired by the homeowner but it must be dealt with carefully. You want to wear a respirator or facemask waited for black mold and spore protection, cover your arms, legs, and hands and use soap and sponge to remove all visible mold. If the multi-area is dry, you can spray it with water and this will reduce any airborne mold spores during cleaning. The last thing you want is for one of those mold spores to carry somewhere else and start its own growth.

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