3 Mistakes Buyers Usually Make

If you’re new to buying a home or if this is the first time you’ve ever consider purchasing a property it’s best to know the mistakes to avoid so that you are kicking yourself later. If you jump into the real estate market not knowing the transaction process, how much money you’ll need, or who to turn to for advice you might find yourself stressed out and floundering for help.mistakes buyers make

When Realtors® and real estate websites tell you now is a great time to buy a house what they’re really saying is any times a great time to buy a house. What I tell my buyers is, if you find the right home at the right price and you love it then it’s always a great time to buy a house. There’s no right or wrong time to buy it’s just a matter of finding a home you love that meets your standards and your budget.

But there are three major mistakes that many buyers make and as a Portland buyer’s agent I want to make sure you are well informed so that you can make the best decision on your next home purchase.

1. Find out how much you can really afford before you even look at homes.

So many buyers start looking online first at homes and then realize later after they have already toured the home that they can’t afford it. This just sets buyers up for heart ache and disappointment. Sit down with the lender and find out how much money you need before you look at any homes.

2. Make sure you have a buyer’s agent working on your behalf.

If you purchase a home through the listing agent you have to remember that that listing agent is working for the seller first not the buyer. They may facilitate the transaction and they may be very ethical in doing so that you never have anyone working as hard for you as a buyer’s agent.

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3. Not having a home inspection.

Many buyers think that the home looks great from the outside or even if it’s a brand-new home there can’t be anything wrong with it. But this is not always the case. I urge all my buyers to have a professional home inspection performed on any purchase whether it’s a condominium, new your preconstruction, or 100-year-old home. You need to know what you’re purchasing before you jump in.

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I don’t want you to regret buying any type of home. To do so I want to make sure you are approved, protected, and inspected. These three issues are some of the number one mistakes that buyers can make that can cause a lot of heart aches and repairs in the future.