If you're planning on listing and selling your home you need to understand that first impressions can make or break a potential sale. Often times buyers see the outside of the home either in photographs, online or by passing by. Drawing there eye in will make them want to see the home further.

 Here are for DIY projects to boost your curb appeal.

#1. A simple cleanup and trim job.

A well manicured lawn can speak volumes even if you've let the grass turn brown. Trim the shrubs carefully, plant a few colorful flowers, weed the garden, yard and any flowerbeds, place mulch or bark around trees and shrubs in a quick way to green up the yard is by spraying it with a nitrogen rich fertilizer or an iron supplement. An iron supplement is what gives the grass a green, deep shade.

#2. Spruce up the entryway.4 Landscaping projects to boost your curb appeal

Let your visitors feel comfortable and welcome by repairing any missing floorboards, nails or screws that are coming undone, filling cracks in concrete and repainting the front steps or railing. Make sure there's enough room for everyone to stand in front of the door because buyers will be standing there with their buyers agent and potentially family members. You want enough room for them all to stand there so don't clutter the front with flowerpots, tables and chairs.

#3. Use color.

Color can come in a variety of ways either by changing the color of the house itself, changing the trim color, changing the front door color or simply adding one shade of flowers all throughout the front. Too many different colors can add confusion and a mess. Use one solid color for flowers and carry that color throughout the front yard.

4 Landscaping projects to boost your curb appeal#4. Stay on top of things.

It might be a big project to get everything the way you want it you certainly don't want to waste all of that time by letting it go back to the way it was. Keep things trimmed, mode, mulched and we did on a weekly basis and remember to water your lawn twice a week enough to fill about 1 inch of a tuna can.

 By keeping up with these four simple steps, you can appeal to the majority of home buyers out there and offer great curb appeal so that they'll want to see more of the house. For more information please feel free to contact me anytime with more tips and suggestions on home staging and curb appeal for your Portland home or real estate.