Ready to buy? How can you do it and keep most of the money in your pocket? OR maybe you want your terms, time frame or personal touches... Here are 4 Super Smart Home Buying Strategies all buyers should have.

1. First Impression is EverythingAre you ready to buy?

You need to impress the seller AND the real estate agent! I'm talking about the listing agent here, not your buyer's agent, who is already on your side. But if you are honest, clear, concise, and direct you will get a lot farther than beating around the bush at what you really want and need. 

2. Don't TOUCH an offer without being Pre-Approved.

I have driven this point home before but seriously, don't offer if you can't back it up. I've had too many buyers that love the home, want to make an offer but really have no idea if they can actually afford it or not. Talk to your lender first. That will be the first question I ask - are you pre-approved? If not, it's back to the drawing board!

3. Be Flexible.

If you're not flexible - on time, price, days, etc... you will get frustrated and everyone else will as well. Be flexible.  EXPECT the unexpected and you won't be frustrated. That's the ultimate cause of frustration... not getting what you expect. This will be an interesting ride and if you stay open, flexible and relaxed, you will most undoubtedly be in a better position. 

#4.  Be Ready

If you are not ready to pull the trigger on a deal, don't get involved. If you have not been pre-approved, you've not made a good first impression, not really serious on buying the home, just don't do it. You're wasting everyone's time including your own. You need to be ready at a moment's notice to view a home, get ready, make an offer and be ready to ride as soon as that perfect home hits the market. If not, you might lose the best house you never got. 

I'm ready. I want to be your agent when you need the guidance to buy the right house. Call me today and let's see how ready you are. I have just a few questions to ask to see if you are ready and then let's get out there, get pre-approved and find the right home for your needs.