As a real estate agent, it is my job to make the entire transaction go as smoothly as possible. I never want you to be frustrated, upset, or confused. Whether you are buying a home or selling your home, there are some things that a real estate agent should be doing for you at all times. Can you fire your agent? Of course, and you should if your agent is not communicating with you the way that you need for providing the job you are paying them for.

Looking for real estate agent whether you are buying or selling, there are some key points to keep in mind. Remember, you are hiring us to do a job for you. If we don't do that job or we do not interview well, there's no reason you should go with our services. And, that's exactly what we are providing, a service. We are not selling you the house, we are facilitating the transaction, helping you to understand the entire process and make a more informed decision. We don't care what type of house you buy, as long as you love it, can afford it, and are satisfied with the transaction. It is our job to inform you about every step of the way and provide suggestions and advice in our capacity. We cannot give legal advice but we can offer suggestions and put you in the right direction for different referrals and references.

Here are four things your Realtor® should be doing for you.

Communication from your Agent

#1. Good communication.

One of the number one complaints that most people have about real estate agents is the lack of communication. They simply don't call you back, don't keep you updated, and don't inform you as to what's happening. Often real estate agents wait too long to update their clients but now it's just awkward if they call or they don't really have anything to update them with so they don't call them at all. It leaves the client frustrated, confused, and wondering what is going on.

Good communication is key to a great real estate agent. Even if there's really nothing to say, simply letting them know that you are available, in contact with them, and are trying to update them as often as possible can mean the world to clients and customers.

Whether you are selling your house and just need an update on showings or any information on price, or if you are buying a house and updates on new listings or just to let you know there's been nothing on the market lately that fits the criteria, communication is crucial.

Ask how the real estate agent will communicate with you. Do you prefer a phone call, text, email? If your real estate agent is not talking to you on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week during the process, regardless of how slow the market might be, it may be time to find it agent that really is looking out for you at all times.

"Our team lets each client know how we will be communicating with them and when. The client should never wonder where their agent went or why they haven't talked to them. We tell our clients that they will hear from us every week or a couple times a week even if we don't have any new information yet." Eve A. Orlando Buyers Agent

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