You want to help your real estate agent do everything possible in order to market and sell your home. What are some things that you can do to help drive the sale? Agents and sellers are trying to impress buyers and we have a short amount of time to do that. Most buyers know within the first few seconds whether they want to see the house closer. It's grabbing the buyer at that time, drawing them in and then making them glad that they stayed long enough to put in an offer.

5 key things you can do to help sell your house

Here are five key things that homeowners can do right now to help drive the sale of their home.

#1. Stand apart from the crowd.

If your home looks like every other home on the market, there's nothing that will make it stand out. This is even more tricky when you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of similar homes with similar materials and construction but you can stand out above the crowd by making that first impression really count. Really spruce up the outside of your house by either repainting the front door and/or the tram, trimming trees and shrubs away from the house, steps and walkways, making sure the grass is neatly mowed, trimmed, edged and his bright green and you have beautiful flowers that really pop of color. If you don't want to plan anything permanently in the ground you can add a couple large pots with beautiful flowers that all match and are the same color tone to either the front of stairs or walkways. Make that first impression and that first image that buyers see really something they remember.

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#2. Make the entryway very inviting.

According to a recent statistic 80% of potential buyers have made up their minds when they walk through the front door within the first 45 seconds. You need to grab their attention and make them want to tour the home even more. Make sure the home has good flow and a great atmosphere that's easy to maneuver, is light, bright and airy and most everything has been repaired, replaced or upgraded if necessary.

#3. Remember the most buyers are superficial.

Staging is key but many homeowners feel that there is no point to staging because it involves furnishings that will usually go with the seller upon the move however, many buyers still want to see furnishings, furniture, decor and the like set up in a home so that each room is designed to create an ambiance, atmosphere and perfect setting. You want to make your home more appealing than the other products that are out there and that's creating different settings using proper staging, furnishings and ambiance. For instance, for the living room you want the fire going with a nice shawl or throw blanket over the nearest couch or chair; perhaps a game of chess set up on a side table, a stack of books and a pair of glasses. You're creating a setting that invites the buyer to come and linger a while.

#4. Remember that your home is a product.

It can be very easy to add emotions and sentiment to your home but you have to remember that your home is a product to be bought and sold when the time comes. You're not selling your "home", you're helping others find their home. This means that you need to pull your emotions out of the negotiation process and remember that buyers are looking for the cheapest home possible. Try not to be insulted with lowball offers but negotiate with a steady head and reasonable requests.

#5. Understand what today's buyers are looking for.

Many buyers want "new and shiny" and so buyers are finding it difficult to resell their existing homes. This is why many homeowners need to upgrade their house to include stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, crown molding and granite or quartz counters. Yes, this can get very expensive but talk to your agent about how you can minimize the upgrade costs by only doing what they feel is necessary to attract the right type of buyer.

Each home is different and unique and don't upgrade your home beyond what you could get out of it. Talk to your agent because we may have excellent suggestions about what to update and what to leave as is. You might be surprised as to what buyers are looking for but having the right agent that also helps buyers can give you keys to setting up your home to stand out above the crowd.

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