Everyone wants to increase the value of their home, especially when it comes to selling. But are there simple tips  when it comes to landscaping and curb appeal that will really impress buyers and increase the value? We think so. By following these five simple tips and steps you can increase the value of your home to some extent.

#1. A simple cleanup.5 Landscaping tips to increase your home's value

Without buying anything, planting anything or spending a lot of money, you can clean up, trim, mow, edge and spruce up the outside of your home instantly creating amazing curb appeal and potentially increasing the value of your home. Pull weeds, trim shrubs and trees away from the house, make sure walkways are clear and clean, edge the lawn, add nitrogen to the grass to get it greener faster, pinch away any dead flowers and shape hedges and shrubs.

#2. Freshen up the mulch.

Once you've cleaned up the outside, it's time to add some mulch around the house. Anywhere you might have bare dirt you'll want to add mulch. Be sure to get natural mulch, not the artificial colored kind. You wanted to look as natural as possible and being in the Pacific Northwest, a naturally green and vibrant yard is a must-have. Adding new mulch around trees, shrubs and in flowerbeds cost very much but can add great value to the appearance of your home.

#3. Focus on the front porch.

As a buyers stand by the front door waiting for the buyers agent to open the door when you show the house, they will be glancing around and really looking at the front of the house. Make sure your front door is repainted and there are no nicks, scuffs or peeling paint, repaint the trim, and replace any missing boards, slats or railings that are hazardous, falling apart or are simply an eyesore.

#4. Add landscape lighting.

Adding solar lighting or attractive sconces to the sides of the garage, the front door or in a more expensive method, a brick pillar with a light on top will all add to the charm and value of the home. There are a variety of lighting options for just about any budget and they can also double as security lights.

#5. Add potted plants

Pots and potted flowers can add a different textile dimension. This is a great way to add color and texture to the front of your house. Look for pots in different sizes and shapes and then plant the same type of flower or color in each. It will add a different contrasting look to the house and provide that pop of color that stands out.

Adding value to your home is always something that homeowners and sellers are looking for and if you start outside and move in you can impress potential buyers without first impression photo. When you sell your home, make sure the photos are taken after you've done the landscaping work to create the best possible first impression.

For more information on landscaping your particular Portland home or tips and tricks on an unusual layout give us a call today.