So, you’ve made the decision to sell your house – and it couldn’t have been easy. After all, our house is the center of our world, its where we take refuge and recover from the day, where we look forward to getting back to. This decision is often emotional and hard to do, once you’ve made up your mind, make sure to remember these tips when selling your home.

#1. Hire an agent5 Major Tips to Selling Your Portland Home

The first and most important rule when selling your home is to hire a licensed real estate agent. You might think you know your neighbourhood, but an agent knows all there is to know about the market and the best way to sell your home.

Selling your home privately, without a buyer, could leave you exposed to legal ramifications during negotiations.

Protect yourself and your home and hire a local agent when selling your home.

#2. Make sure the price is right

The price you decide to list your home at will communicate a specific image about your home to potential buyers. Setting the right price for your home should include considering the type of buyer you are looking for, their price point, and what your home has to offer.

Your agent can help you compare price with other current and previous listings in the area to see what your price should be. An overpriced home could sit on the market for months and should only be done if the property truly offers a premium compared to other listings in the area.

And remember to not expect what you ask for. Selling a home is all about negotiation and it is unlikely you will get everything you want. A good agent can help you negotiate your hard-line items; however, both the buyer and the seller must compromise in order for there to be an exchange.

#3. Wait out the winter

You know how busy the holidays can be. With social events and engagements busier than any other time of the year, most buyers stop looking over the winter months.

Buying, and selling, a home is a lot of work and is best done during slower seasons to avoid burnout or making mistakes. If you are thinking of listing your home, due so during the spring and fall selling seasons in order to generate the most amount of excitement around your property possible.

#4. Don’t get emotional

Like we said, your house is the center of you and your family’s life, and selling your home can be an emotional experience. Nonetheless, it’s best to leave your emotions aside when selling your home in order for buyers to take interest in it.

Don’t let your sentimental attachments dictate price or the value you assign to your home during the listing process. This is another great reason to hire an agent. They are an unbiased party that are focused solely on selling your home for the highest price they can.

#5. Accommodate prospective buyers

Showings for potential buyers can be annoying, but make sure you accommodate prospective buyers the best you can. Sometimes, viewings happen under very short notice and can be an inconvenience to your routine. Don’t let the feelings of frustration get in the way of selling your home. Go out for a walk or visit with a friend. Make the time meaningful and remember why you are doing so.

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