Portland is a high demand and great place to live. In addition to the high desirability of Portland are Portland suburbs and since the pandemic began more and more buyers are looking for homes in Portland’s top suburbs. Many of the small cities around Portland have a lot to offer, it is no wonder that so many people seek to live in them.

Here are the top five most sought after areas to live in just outside of Portland City limits:5 Most Sought After Portland Suburbs


Tualatin is just south of the city of Portland at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205. This small town is filled with parks and a proud history. The people of Tualatin are committed to arts and a pride in community offering an amazing quality of life. Tualatin is home to the famous pumpkin regatta, a once a year celebration where citizens paddle across the water inside giant hollowed out pumpkins as boats in the Lake of the Commons. It is small town festivities and community pride like this that draw so many people to live in Tualatin.

Oregon City

Oregon City is the seat of Clackamas County and it is a growing suburb of Portland. It is located at the confluence of Willamette and Clackamas Rivers and was thought to be the end of the Oregon Trail at one time. Oregon City is steeped in rich history that can be learned and experienced at the city’s amazing museum. The downtown area of Oregon City is full of great local shops that draw people from all around. The opportunities to get outside in the natural beauty of Oregon abound in Oregon City as well. Many people enjoy boating and kayaking on the rivers and visiting Willamette Falls.

Forest Grove

Forest Grove is the furthest suburb destination from the city of Portland on the list. It is relatively close to Portland, but gives a feel that you are removed from the city and living the small-town life. The people of Forest Grove enjoy the unhurried pace and village atmosphere at Forest Grove while still being very close to the city of Portland. Pacific University is located in Forest Grove it is a private college with amazing credentials and a long standing history in the community. In addition to the charming small town feel, people enjoy recreation at Hagg Lake.


Hillsborough is a larger suburb that feels like a small bustling city in itself and some may call it Beaverton’s little sibling. Hillsboro is located in the Silicon Forest and is teaming with plenty of job opportunity and activity. In addition to this, Hillsboro has a community plan to continue to grow and increase the quality of life. Hillsboro is popular among families as it has an excellent school system.


This funny named town is actually just outside of Portland Oregon. The name is nothing like the actual culture and atmosphere of the area. The population of Boring is small making it a wonderful place for anybody looking for a relaxed area to live just outside of Portland. The Springwater Trail connects Boring into Portland, a favorite of cyclists in the area.

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