Packing up and moving is never a pleasant thing but being prepared can really take the edge off the stress, hassle and extra expense. Moving can also be expensive but here are five moving costs you may not have thought of before and it's best to plan for ahead of time.

5 Moving Costs You Probably Should Know About

#1. Stairs, elevators, or limited access.

Where are you moving to? Are you moving to a condominium or loft in downtown Portland? You might have to consider hiring extra hands even in extra service to get couches, tables or even larger items like pianos up into your apartment or condo. Sometimes, you may even have to get a crane to get certain items up into your condo. Important to consider that if you are buying a home or a condo that has limited access. Similarly, if you are buying a single-family house that's maybe a split entry, without a straight shot straight up to the living room, it might be very difficult to get larger furnishings into the upstairs part of the house.

#2. The cost of gas.

If you're moving across the country gas is definitely an issue. It can cost a lot to drive not just one car but maybe one car and a moving van across the country. But, even if you're moving from state to state or just a few cities over, consider how many trips you'll be making and if it makes more sense to rent a larger truck rather than a smaller one multiple trips.

#3. Equipment rental.

Just as the gas will add up so does any equipment rental you might need. Do you need an extra trailer for the back of trucks or moving vans the whole an additional car? What about always dollies or other means of transportation?

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#4. Insurance.

You might not think you will need insurance for a move that many car insurance companies may not cover moving truck rentals. This could add on $20-$30 per day so it's best to make sure you're covered just in case.

#5. Extra protection.

Some delicate items may need extra protection. Professional movers charge extra to move pianos, cars, and appliances and you might need additional fees to disassemble or reconnect items. It's important to consider everything that you are moving, how it will be disconnected and reconnected, and if you need extra packing materials or moving capability to do so.

If you're planning on moving within the Portland area in the next six months give us a call. Would love to show you what's going on in the market, so some money on your relocation, and make the most of your move.