You're looking for a new house and you don't want to mess this up, right? I mean, buyers remorse after you've spent a half $1 million or more can be gut-wrenching so do yourself a favor and make sure your home has these must-haves.

#1. Enough bathrooms.

With today's brand-new homes the subject is not enough bathrooms is usually not a problem. Many new homes have at least two full bathrooms with perhaps one half bath or a couple half baths or three-quarters bath. But some of the older homes may only have one and will that be enough? Make sure you have enough bathrooms to handle the size of household.

#2. Convenient laundry.

Many people don't even think of this until it's laundry day. If the laundry is all the way out in the garage or in the basement, that can be a pain looking big laundry baskets back and forth all day. Some of the newer homes have laundry rooms upstairs where the bedrooms are, which makes a lot of sense.

#3. A kitchen you can work with.

Is the kitchen workable as it is? Would be sufficient for what you want to do in it? There are people that hate cooking so smaller kitchen is ideal, especially since it doesn't take up much space for other activities in the house, but if you love to cook and you know that it is a common gathering place, make sure it is sufficient for its usage.

#4. A sufficient garage.

Will you be parking the car in the garage or just using it is storage? Regardless, there something to having a garage either attached or detached. It keeps your car cool in the summertime and a little bit warmer in the winter by keeping it in the garage.

#5. The right layout.

Of course, walls can be moved and layouts changed but that's a lot of extra expense so it's important to get a layout that you like right away. Does it work for your family size? Is there a good gathering place for everyone? Is the layout of bedrooms and bathrooms convenient for you? Will you be frustrated because a room is not where you think it should be?

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All of these things are important to determine if the home is right for you. Of course, there are 1000 little details that make up the house, but these five prominent points are some of the tops to be considered.

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