stage your home to look like a 5 star resortI've written blog posts in the past about how to stage your home so that it looks like 1 million bucks. I've often urged homeowners to consider a five-star resort when staging their home. You will likely find pictures of the manager's wife and kids, collections or memorabilia in the corner. What you will find is a gender-neutral, decor neutral space that is attractive, well put together, practical, economical and suitable for just about anyone. This is what homeowners need to do when they properly stage their home for sale. Here are five simple tips to make your home look like a five-star resort.

#1. Luxury linens.

Simply replacing the linens on your beds can bring a whole new light to the room. New pillows, a big fluffy comforter, lots of decorative pillows, and fresh, crisp sheets really add a beautiful touch to any bedroom. Making it a plush, organized, symmetrical and beautiful, relaxing space, attract a wide variety of homebuyers as long as you keep the linens a neutral color and tone. This is not the place to have black and white linens that look like they belong in a bachelor pad or relief flowery linens either.

#2. Make it interesting.

Without going overboard, consider a theme for different rooms of the house. This doesn't mean an entire cat deemed kitchen or rooster covered bathroom, but keeping colors similar, maybe an elegant theme such as an Ernest Hemingway design, antique or postmodern look will create a beautiful theme throughout the house.

#3. Focus on the positive.

Dining room have a beautiful blue window that looks out into a gorgeous view? This is what you want to emphasize. If there are negative features of the house you want to deemphasize those and emphasize the best quality and parts of the house in each room. If the kitchen has phenomenal counters, make sure they are totally cleared off so buyers can see the full potential and beauty of each room.

#4. Concentrate on lighting.

Lighting can really add a completely different ambiance to a room. Soft, mood lighting in a bedroom will create a relaxing and serene feel whereas nice, bright without being too annoying, light in the kitchen will illuminate everything so there is not a dark corner waiting to be forgotten about. Good lighting can certainly break up a space in the right way. You want to live it with overhead, ambient lighting to illuminate key spaces such as nightstands, desks or pictures.

#5. Keep things coordinated.

Once you have everything pull together make sure that it is coordinated. Hotels and resorts coordinate the decorations so you want to use patterns and colors that complement each other, mixing multiple textures to create a layered book.

For more information on how to stage your specific Portland home contact our office today. Because we deal with buyers and sellers on a daily basis we can help you design your home to attract the most buyers possible.

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