January is a great time to do a little early spring cleaning, organize, and resolve to have a cleaner more tidy home this year. With that in mind, I thought I'd compile a list of things that people with tidy homes just don't do.5 Thing People with Clean Homes Don't Do

#1. They don't wait until their home is a disaster.

Cleaning up everything at once is a hard job and that usually means there's a lot to do. Instead, develop some simple, small habits that can change the level of organization in your home as a whole. Tidy people go around keeping things tidy at all times. A leaf blue and on the floor? It gets picked up right away rather than waiting for 10 leaves to appear and then vacuum the floor.

#2. They always have cleaning supplies.

Tidy and organized people usually have a good stock of cleaning supplies. They never run out so that they are constantly cleaning and doing small little jobs rather than one big job that could take two hours or more.

#3. They never go to bed with their home a mess.

There's nothing more refreshing than waking up to a clean kitchen and house. If you don't believe me, try it the other way. Waking up to a messy, dirty house from the night before just put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

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#4. They don't keep things on the floor.

You usually won't find a stack of books, papers, baskets, etc. lying around on the floor or stacked in the corner. They just don't allow a lot of these things to live on the floor. They also don't leave things on the floor. If there's a basket or a box to go to the thrift store, it gets put into the car right away rather than sitting by the front steps forever.

#5. They don't over stage or over decorate.

The simpler and more minimalistic the better. There's just not a lot of decoration things cluttering up tables and cabinets. It looks cleaner, it's easier to dust and keep tidy, and it creates a better sense of organization. Too many things make the entire room seem cluttered.

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Now, why did I give you these tips? This is a great reminder if you're planning on staging, listing, and selling your Portland home. Whether you're going to live there for a while or you're looking for tips to sell, these are some great ways to keep your home tidy at all times.