Maybe you've purchased your first house? Maybe you're moving or relocating from the sale of another house. Whatever the reason for your move, there are some things you should address right away. 

#1. The Locks5 Things you should do when you move

Make sure you change all the locks in the house right away. You have no idea who might have a copy of the previous key and you certainly wouldn't want to risk a burglary. AND don't just re-key the lock but replace the hardware as well. You can either do this yourself or hire a locksmith but make sure you change all the locks and any hardware that might require a key.

#2. Replace the Filters

Replace the filters in the furnace, heat pump and over the stove hood. This also could include bathroom fan filters, air conditioning filters, and aeration filters. Filters can be anywhere from $5 to $20. Check the dryer vent as well, especially if you bought the dryer with the home.

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#3. Update any Home Technology.

Check out all the wiring for electricity, CAT-5 cable, and Internet. Make sure all the wiring is secure. You home inspector should have been able to do this as well but another once over won't hurt.

#4. Clean.

You probably don't want to shower where someone else has been naked. I'm just sayin... It's time to clean. You can consider hiring a professional to give the home a good deep cleaning or just roll up your sleeves, throw on some rubber gloves and get to work. A good cleaning will also make you feel like the home is more your own.

#5. Prepare

If you can, talk to the previous homeowner about the type of or company they used for basic service when needed. Keep a list of repair people handy, like for your fireplace, furnace or heat pump, air conditioner, electrical issues, plumping, and a handy man service.

Start with these basics when you move into a new house and you'll be more set and feel more secure.

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