Looking to save space? Perhaps store items on the cheap? Here are a few unique ways to store items for very little money

Floating Wall Shelves5 Unique and Cost Effective Storage Options

They are functional shelves they blend into any environment in homes. Floating wall shelves are good for displaying your collectibles, photos, store things and adds to the beauty of your home. Can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathroom. A floating shelf can be made inexpensive hollow-core doors. Buy kits and easy to build. Build different designs shelves all over your home to help with items that you want to displace.

Use corner space.

There different and easy ways to use corner space. You can go to Ikea, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed bath beyond, for ideas. Think of ways to solve storage solutions. Racks for shoes as you enter your home, hangers for coats, corner desks, corner shelves, buy selves, hooks, hangers without spending a lot of money and still have your home organized.

Tackle junk drawers

Everyone has a junk drawer, it is usually in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Everyone dislikes opening their junk drawer. There are ways to organize junk drawers, put items belong in different rooms where they belong. Buy shelves to put in drawers, or build your own dividers in drawers, hooks for keys, small contains, like baskets to separate items and hang on a wall, that looks decorative. Also, you can donate items you do not need.

Hang net or baskets for stuffed Animals

5 Unique and Cost Effective Storage OptionsHang nets are a good idea to display stuffed animals but remember needs to be low enough for kids to reach. Cloth shelves or baskets are another way to put on walls for kid’s stuffed animals. There are inexpensive ways to store stuffed animals like closets, you can add shelves to the floor and put animals in the shelves or add boxes for storage of the toys.

Invest in under the bed storage bins

Storage bins with wheels small enough to fix under your bed and label each bin, so you know what is in the bin. Store blankets, pillows, sheets, extra towels, clothing, shoes for different seasons. Kids rooms store toys, books, clothes and that kids own to play with during raining days. Also, you can use storage bags to store items under your bed.

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