Selling a home in any market does take a little bit of effort but if you had a property on the market for longer than you'd like you may be looking at some unique or creative ways to market that listing. In order to get the right buyer in the home, you may be trying a lot of different tactics, some of which could be working and some may just be giving your money away. While each home is unique, there are tactics that do actually work to getting your home sold, more than simply pricing it right and staging. Here are five creative and unique ways to market your listing to get more buyers in the door and more offers on the table.

#1. Increase the commission.5 Unique Ways to Get Your Home Sold

Talk to your listing agent about increasing the buyer's agent commission. You can technically pay the buyers agent any type or percentage of commission you want so increasing it to maybe 4% instead of the standard 3% could get more buyers agents to encourage their buyers to look at your home. However, this may mean dropping the listing agent's commission down to 2%. To talk to your agent about the possibility of boosting the buyer's agent commission.

#2. Educate sellers on a buyers market.

Ask your homeowner do you want to leave the market or follow the market? Homeowners that want to sell fast want to lead the market and we need to explain how to do that in a competitive market. You have to be serious about pricing, staging, and presenting your home instead of pricing it high and hope it sells.

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#3. Consider a home auction.

Yes, this is kind of dramatic, but it is also a great way to get in some serious buyers. Real estate auctions are gaining traction with revenues increasing 39% over the past three years and homes are selling at all price ranges even in an auction market. Sometimes, the final price could be way above market value but it is something you need to decide with your agent whether or not this is a smart tactic.

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#4. Consider helping with financing.

A lot of buyers may not qualify for a standard mortgage so offering to pay for closing costs, offering lease to own transactions or even financing the property themselves could be a good way to get the right buyer in your home. Again, this is something to discuss with your agent and your real estate attorney to find out if it's even a possibility.

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#5. Let your house do the talking… Literally.

You probably have a for sale sign in the front yard and maybe ads in the newspaper but try a little high-tech advertising. Using a Talking House radio transmitter will allow you to record a customized message that buyers can tune into when they drive by the home. It's just a unique way to stand out and something the buyers will remember, potentially leading them to learn more about the house.

If you've been on the market for a long time it may just be a matter of finding a new agent to list and market your property. If you'd like more information or are doing some research before listing at all, give us a call. We'd love to talk to you about the potential your home could have and how much profit you can walk away with.

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