How that first impression can make or break a sale

First impressions are everything and many buyers decide within the first few seconds of viewing the outside of the property if they want to see more or even if this is the home for them. Curb appeal, landscaping, and those first impressions either from MLS listings or drive-by can make or break a sale. Here are five basic steps and ideas to consider when adjusting curb appeal and landscaping to sell your Portland home or property.Adding Curb Appeal to your home

  1. Basic cleanup and maintenance is important. Make sure yards are mowed and have a fresh sprinkling of fertilizer to green up the grass. Use a trimmer to edge along sidewalks and keep shrubs and trees trimmed away from the house, stairs or pathways.
  2. Emphasize and highlight any landscaping features. If you have a pond make sure there’s no algae or mud in the water and dye the water a bright blue that’s safe for plants and animals. If there’s a stone path, keep it swept, edged and clean; if there’s a gate or seating area bring attention to this spot with solar lights or lamps hanging on the gate or fences close by; stately tree in the front yard? Emphasize that with a ring of pavers or flowers to emphasize the elegance in size.
  3. Choose flowers the complement the color of your home. It’s also best to go with one color flower in abundance. If you have a brown colored house, bright pink flowers contrast beautifully; a blue toned hue? Striking yellow is stunning against the blue. A shade of green? Use red to set off the contrasting colors.
  4. Use a variety of textures and styles to create an interesting flow for the eyes. Combine grassy shrubs next to bright leafy ones; soft lambs ear next to striking Yucca plants. Use what’s in season and plentiful.
  5. Create a space that is low maintenance and move-in ready. Buyers don’t want to think about all the maintenance that they may accrue when purchasing a home with lots of landscaping but most of them don’t want a minimalistic blank slate either. Create a sense of warmth, comfort, and a place to come home to.

While each home is unique, as a Portland real estate agent I can help devise a strategy and plan to create curb appeal for buyers and for the MLS photos. Give me a call today and let’s discuss your options, pricing strategies and curb appeal options.

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