Want to decorate like a million bucks without actually spending a million bucks? A recent article in MSN Money and Homepolish talked about unique ways you can decorate your home so that you look like a rich person without actually spending that much money. Here are some of our favorites from that list.5 Ways to Decorate Your House Like a Wealthy Person

#1. Spend the money on a couple really good pieces of furniture.

If all of your furniture either comes from Goodwill, Walmart or Tarchè, nobody's going to believe that you decorated like a rich person. While not everything has to be expensive, choose one or two really good pieces for each room. This could be a really nice sideboard or buffet table, dining room table, couch, loveseat or coffee table. In the bedrooms, you can have one or two really nice and expensive nightstands that not only look expensive but they are high quality and made really well so they last a long time.

#2. Buy one or two high-quality accent pieces.

An accent piece is simply a pillow, vase, throw blanket or decoration on the mantle. The key is about mixing high-quality and low-quality items to get the best look for each room.

#3. Layer the textures.

High-quality room layers different textures such as a spur blanket on a velvet sofa or a textured rug on modern wood floors. Don't be afraid to mix and match your textures.

#4. Don't skimp on a good paint job.

When painting, make sure that your lines are crisp, every square inch is covered and where room corners meet or frames around windows and doors meet there are no overlapping paint splashes or colors. You also want to make sure that the transition from the wall to the ceiling is nice and crisp.

#5. Avoid matching.

Just as we talked about layering the textures it's important to layer colors, materials, and patterns. Nothing has to match and everything doesn't have to be one monochromatic color. Mix it up a bit with different shades that may complement each other or even contrast to add depths and layers to the room.

Whether you are fixing up your house for guests, yourself or planning on selling your house, use these simple tips to make your house look luxurious and pricey.