It's been on the market for months... nothing.  A few bites in the beginning and now nothing. You haven't had a showing in weeks and you're wondering what could be wrong. It may be time to take a second look at several areas of the listing and preparation.5 Ways to Sella  House that just won't sell

#1. What does the house look like to buyers?

Take a look at your listing photos again. These are the photos that are on your flyer or on the website. Most people start their search online and if those photos do not draw the buyer in, you may have lost them before they've even toured your house. Would you want to see your house? Are the photos blurry? With the house clean and well staged? Where the lights turned on? Take a look at the photos to see if you could be turning off buyers before they even step foot into your house.

#2. Is the price accurate for the market?

Did you start high hoping to lower in case you didn't get an offer right away? This can be a major pitfall when it comes to pricing your home. It's important to price it correctly right out of the gate to get the right buyer through the door. The longer an overpriced home sits on the market the more stale it becomes. By the time the homeowner lowers the price to where it should have been at the beginning, it's lost its appeal to potential buyers. You may have to drop the price lower than the market value to get the right buyer at this point.

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#3. Is it really clean, I mean really clean?

If you've never done a deep cleaning, buyers can tell. Maybe you have slacked on cleaning over the last couple of months and now buyers see a very "lived in" house. Don't forget to clean up the outside because curb appeal can draw buyers and from the street and from the online photos. Keep things neat, tidy, and well cleaned.

#4. Have you fixed all that needed to be fixed?

Have you slacked off on a few minor repairs? Buyers will notice that too. Make sure that all the little details are fixed up, corrected, and all appliances, outlets, and lights work correctly. If buyers find a minor issue they might think you've neglected larger issues that are unseen as well. If need be, hire a home inspector to give you a full report on anything that the buyer might find and request replacement or repair of.

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#5. It might be your agent.

If your agent is nonexistent or you haven't spoken to them in a couple of weeks, it might be time to find a new agent. You need a real estate agent that stays up-to-date with you on market values, potential buyers, and suggestions to make your home more appealing during the showing process. You need an agent that wants to sell your home just as badly as you do. Agents that have given up on homes because either the homeowner has stopped listening to reason or they simply have bigger fish to fry, are not the best to sell it difficult home.

To get your home sold from the beginning or if you are in the midst of looking for a new agent to market, price, stage, and sell your home give us a call. We have a proven track record of getting home sold for top value throughout the Portland area.

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