Moving brings a not so common opportunity to fully clean every inch of your floors without any furniture in the way. Whether you are moving into your new home or out of your old one here are some carpet cleaning tips that you may find helpful.

Hire a Professional6 Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips for Moving

Hire a trained and trustworthy carpet cleaner with professional truck mounted equipment. You want to make sure the carpets are truly clean to the deepest level. The only way to do so is to hire a professional with the right equipment that have extensive training in how to use it.

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Hot Water Extraction is Best

There are many methods to carpet cleaning, but the best one is hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is recommended by carpet manufacturers and included in many brand new carpet care manuals and included in some warranty conditions. When hiring a professional carpet cleaner make sure they use a hot water extraction cleaning process.

Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning to Work Around the Movers

If you are moving out you want to schedule the movers first and the carpet cleaners to come in just after they are finished. If you are moving in, then you will want to schedule your carpet cleaning first and then your movers to come in and unload things at least 24 hours after the carpet cleaning is complete to ensure the carpets are dry and ready for regular use. Proper and organized scheduling will help things to run more smoothly and efficiently.

This is a Great Time for Carpet Repairs and Stain Treatment

If you have holes, burns, wrinkles, or un-removed stains now is the time to get them fixed if possible. For example: if your carpet has wrinkles it will need to be re-stretched. A carpet cannot be stretched and repaired without the removal of all the heavy objects sitting on it. Moving is a great time to get those wrinkles fixed. If there are any issues with the carpet that require professional help to get the floors back in shape now is a very good time to do them.

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Ask for Special Attention on the High Traffic Areas

If you have high amounts of soil in areas that see lots of foot traffic it is a great time to have the professional carpet cleaner pay extra attention to these areas and get them looking as fresh as the rest of the floor.

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Get Stain Guard Applied During a Move In

Once every area of the carpet is cleaned before the furniture is moved in, have a protective stain guard applied. This stain guard will not make your carpet stain proof, but it will repel stains to give you extra time for spot treatment. The best way to start in a new home is with a fresh carpet that is stain guarded.