I'm not necessarily talking about deceiving buyers or even anyone enters your home. But, if you wanting to make a small space look larger there are little tips, tricks and sneaky ways to do so. It will be very clear to buyers that the home is a certain size, but with the addition of a few little tricks, you can make the space fill larger and more inviting.

#1. Use a light colored paint.6 Ways to make your home seem bigger

If you have a small room or maybe a bathroom, you don't want to use dark or heavy colored paint. This will bring in the walls and make the space feel smaller than it is. Make sure the ceiling is painted with as light of color as you can go and that the walls and accents are bright, eight, and neutral toned. Monochromatic design and colors throughout the room will also make it feel larger than it really is. This could mean white or light colored couch, chairs, accent pieces, lamps, and tables.

#2. Try using the window treatments.

Window treatments, especially heavy ones, can bring down the lightness of an entire room. Try using no window drapes or curtains at all to see how much light it brings into the room and opened up the walls and ceiling.

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#3. Take advantage of vertical space.

If you have a small room but tall ceilings, take advantage of that vertical space to enhance the room's volume. Invest in custom floor-to-ceiling bookcases which add a unique architectural detail and draws the eye upward. Anything that pulls the eye towards the ceiling, especially in high ceiling rooms, or adds to the expansiveness of the room itself.

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#4. Hang mirrors, art, or pictures in a distant room. 

This is a unique way to make a space look more open. By drawing the eye to a distant spot away from the room you are in, it will create a striking visual element and expand the perceived depth of field.

#5. De-clutter the entryway.

Decluttering the entire home, in general, is one of the best ways to make a room fill larger but the entryway is even more important. If people feel crowded as soon as they walk into the space, the rest of the home will feel that way as well even if it's not actually cluttered.

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Each home is unique so if you need help figuring out a way to make your small space seem bigger give us a call.

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Image above by Tim Evanson