It seems there are a lot of people updating their kitchens these days. Whether it's for selling, staging, or you just can't stand it anymore, changing kitchen items and materials are very popular as I was in Home Depot yesterday and there was literally a line in the kitchen design center. So it got me thinking about how people can make little changes in their kitchen that really make a big impact.

New sink and/or faucet.small kitchen changes

Changing out a sink and a faucet can be a simple way to change the look of your counters. Stainless steel sinks can run anywhere from $100-$400 where farmhouse and porcelain sinks can run up to $900. Faucets, however, can start at about $50 and go to $350 but it can make a huge impact, especially when you're doing things at the sink. Looking down to a new faucet and/or sink might not make you mind doing the dishes so much.


Most of the homes built in the 1970s up to about 2000 didn't do anything with the backsplash. They simply have a wood trim up against the drywall. This can cause a lot of moisture to leak behind the trim causing buckling, mold, and mildew. Sealing that off or simply changing the backsplash altogether can really make a big impact on your kitchen. There are so many detailed options now and because mosaic tiles come in a large 12 x 12 pattern, you don't have to be as detail-oriented as you use to.


We all know that paint can make a big impact so maybe it's time to change up the paint color in your kitchen? Plus, walls in the kitchen can get dingy and grimy from grease and splatters so it may be time for good washing and painting anyway.


Hardware is like jewelry for the kitchen. New metal knobs and pulls can really add a different look to your kitchen without a big expense. New hardware can run anywhere from $.50 to $10 per piece so you can really go all out or stay within a decent budget.

Glass paneled cabinets.

This is an easy and simple way to change the look of your cabinets without redoing the mall. Of course, repainting or staining the cabinets can add a dramatic difference but it can be costly and very time-consuming. Instead, consider just changing one or two panels of your cabinets to a frosted, clear, or designed glass. It'll add a new dimension to the room.

New lighting.

Recessed lighting may be difficult to change but you might add pendant lighting over-the-counter, change the lighting fixture in the dining room if it's close to the kitchen, or install under cabinet lighting to add a unique glow to the countertops.

New shelving.

 Changing shelving and cabinets are a great way to change the look of your kitchen but it can be costly. Just like the glass panels, consider taking one cabinet out and adding free floating shelves instead, or taking the doors off of the cabinets, sanding down the hinge screw holes and painting over them. It's a great place to display some of your most favorite kitchen pieces.

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These are just a few ways you can add some new charm and update your kitchen on a budget. Whether you do them all or just a few, it will definitely add a new look to a small kitchen.