Think you know your neighbors? Think again. Talking to neighbors is a great way to learn more about a community but neighbors are not going to tell you everything. Here are seven things your neighbors probably will never tell you.

#1. When they steal your Wi-Fi.7 Things Your Neighbors Won't Tell You

If your neighbor is close enough that they can piggyback on your Wi-Fi they probably are. Make sure you create a strong password protected and never use your name or your address or phone number.

#2. When they have bedbugs or fleas.

Did you know that fleas and bedbugs can attach themselves to people's clothes and the bottoms of their shoes tracking them into your house when they come visiting? A good way to prevent this is by making sure people leave their shoes outside the front door but other than that, there's not much you can do to prevent it.

#3. They see everything you do.

Unless your neighbors are gone most of the time, they are watching you. Not every neighbor is a nosy neighbor, but if you have a habit of keeping your blinds or drapes open, it's safe to assume that there watching everything you do, where, or don't wear. Make a habit to close the blinds as soon as the sun goes down.

#4. That pond is a den of mosquitoes.

Ever wonder why you can't have an outdoor barbecue without getting eaten alive? It could be because your neighbor has a pond, pool, or found that has gone stagnant and is now a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

#5. When they have drama.

Some people just grew up yelling at each other and now it's a common occurrence. But if you're tired of the yelling and screaming, consider soundproofing your walls or getting a fountain to drown out the noise.

#6. When they leave Christmas decorations up month afterward.

Are they late in taking them down or early and putting them up? If you can't tell, that can be frustrating. In a kind way you can ask if they need help putting decorations away. You never know when it could be something that's out of their control such as a medical emergency.

#7. When their treasure is your junk.

They may love all of those flamingos in the front yard but there more of an eyesore to anyone else. If possible, close the blinds that overlook this area or put up a privacy screen.

Living in a neighborhood can be very interesting at times but the closer you are with your neighbors the more you can have real conversations about life and things that might be irritating to both parties. I'm sure there's some things that you're doing that could be irritating to them.

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