It's true! Anyone with a real estate license has the authority to buy and sell real estate in the state or county in which  he or she is registered. So, does that mean that you go with any old real estate agent when it comes time to buy or sell your home?Anyone with a License Can Sell a House!

I've been in this business long enough to know that real estate agents come and go very quickly. People spend hundreds of dollars to get their license, take the tests, draw business cards and signs only to get burnt out in the first six months. They might put so much money towards advertising that they burn out very quickly. It's those slow, steady and consistent real estate agents that are in it for the long haul.

Everyone remembers their first real estate transaction. It's the one where you're nervous, wondering whether the client knows this is your first transaction and trying to make sure that you sound intelligent and experienced, even though you're not. Even though sad to experience has been several years from me now, I know that it has taught me how to become a better real estate agent, that every real estate transaction is unique and the experience to go into the next transaction. This is certainly a business in where experience matters more than education.

All real estate agents are required to keep up continuing education so that any changes in the law, real estate standards or practices are maintained and up-to-date. But this is simply textbook stuff; this is not the education that comes with experience. Buying and selling short sales, dealing with banks in foreclosures, working with a divorced couple trying to get a property sold as fast as possible or any one of the other hundred types of real estate transactions out there. There are so many different kinds of real estate that simply sitting down at a computer and taking a test does not give you the experience of being on the field, working with clients on a day-to-day basis and putting in full-time effort to the practice.

I spoke with many people over the years that have used a friend of a friend or a  relatives that may have just gotten into the real estate business and need their first break. But were talking hundreds of thousands of dollars here; that's not something that you should trust to an amateur. As a homebuyer you want the best experience, the lowest price, and the terms that are appropriate to you. Many unexperienced agents simply write up the transaction and let it go through as such, which is fine, but really not working the best for the client.

If you're selling a home you want to be able to get as much profit as possible without bearing yourself in inspection fees and requests. This is where skilled and experienced negotiating strategies come into play. Because I both buy and sell real estate I've been on both sides of the transaction in my experience can help you get the terms that you want for the right price.

So can anyone sell a house that carries a real estate license? Yes. But are you going to go with just anyone? I'll let you think about that.