Portland is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to move to in the entire country. A recent article by Oregon live said the more people are moving to the Portland area than any major city in the US. With this demand for housing, more and more homes will be increasing in price as more subdivisions are created and more condominium buildings are constructed.Are there any houses in Downtown Portland anymore?

I recently had a buyer that was looking for a single-family home in Portland, not wanting to live in the suburbs but still wanting a single-family home. It seems that everything he looks for was in a condominium, attached home or townhouse. But surprisingly, there are several single-family homes still in the downtown area. However, it depends on what type of downtown you're talking about. If you're looking and specifically the downtown neighborhood, that is in the Pearl District north of Interstate 405 and around Burnside Street, there are very few single-family homes. Of course this is the "in city" area with shops, restaurants, markets and hotels. Just outside this area in Goose Hollow are several homes but starting prices are around $1 million. North of downtown in Nob Hill and the Northwest district are several single-family homes that either have historical value or have been recently renovated, with home prices starting around $750,000. Arlington Heights is found just a little west of downtown with beautiful homes overlooking the downtown Portland area nestled in amongst wooded areas and Washington Park. These homes started about $1 million.

If you're talking about the downtown that's on the east side of the river in neighborhood such as Buckland, Richmond, Laurelhurst and Irvington, the residential homes will be a little bit further east as most of the Lloyd Center in Buckman areas are comprised of apartments, condo buildings and businesses. Homes in outlying areas such as Laurelhurst and Irvington have homes starting about $300,000. Most of these homes are either historical or vintage homes built before 1940 or renovated homes that either have been completely torn down and rebuilt or beautifully restored.

Just south of downtown in the Portland Heights, Homestead, Healy Heights and Bridal Mile district are more residential neighborhoods. You won't find industries, businesses or large corporations except for the Oregon health and science University located just west of Interstate 5. Nestled in amongst winding roads and curvy neighborhoods are homes that started about $450,000 to $2.9 million. These neighborhoods are surrounding parks such as Council Crest and the Marquam Nature Park. 

So while there are homes or single-family houses in downtown Portland the prices do increase as you come closer to the city's hub. Of course there are numerous condominiums, townhomes, apartments and lofts taking up most of the residential properties in downtown Portland between the 405 and the Willamette.

For more information on single-family houses in downtown feel free to contact our office today. We'd be happy to send you a list specifically mapping out all of the homes that meet your search criteria and price in your selected area.