Now let's see the same scenario with the buyer's enlisting the help of their own buyer's agent.

(Read the first part of this scenario here)Benefits of Using a Buyer's Agent


The buyers enter the open house and quickly inform the listing agent they are already working with a buyer's agent. Immediately the pressure and stress has been lifted and the buyers can tour the home in peace knowing their buyer's agent can help them answer any additional questions they may have about purchasing the home.

The buyers decide to offer the same amount as before on the home at $275,000. The listing agent knows nothing of the preapproval amount or their financial situation. The listing agent presents the offer to the sellers without any additional knowledge. From here, the sellers and the listing agent are unaware if the buyers can actually afford anymore or if they have any offers or pending offers anywhere else. The sellers are nervous about losing this offer, considering the home has been on the market for quite some time, and if they counter offer the deal may be terminated altogether.

Because of the uncertainty of the buyers, the sellers agree to the reduced price of $275,000. When the deal closes, the buyer's agent and listing agent now split the commission meaning the buyer pays their agent nothing to negotiate the transaction for them. This is also another fabulous perk of using a buyer's agent. So, not only have the buyers found a home they love but they have saved $20,000 over the purchase price when using a buyer's agent versus going with the listing agent.

You can see how beneficial this is for buyers to have a dedicated and exclusive buyer's agent helping you find the right Portland home in the right Portland neighborhood. Again, you pay me nothing out of pocket for my services and I keep all your financial and negotiating strategies confidential throughout the transaction. I'm here to get you the best price on the right home in Portland Oregon.