Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Portland

 I just heard a news article this morning that classified where you live depending on what type of coffee you like and while not everybody likes the same thing they labeled Portland people as those that drink eggnog lattes the most. Of course, Seattle came in as people wanting an extra shot in their coffee. (I suppose that's what you need when it's always raining.)

Best coffee shops in Portland

But, even though we may love our foo foo drinks, we do like a good strong cup of coffee-flavored coffee every once in a while. We may not be Seattle but we are one of the top hipster and city places in the country so coffee shops just seem to be the norm. Here are some of our favorite coffee shops and cafés around the Portland area.

With over 40 coffee roasters within the city limits alone, may be hard to narrow down to some of our favorite, small-batch artisanal coffees. With a collection of coffee magazines, reviews and testimonials, this is the collection of some of the top coffee shops not to miss whether you live in Portland or are just visiting.


Coava - made one of the top of the list in Portland's favorite coffee shops located at 1300 Southeast Grand Ave. This is a bamboo manufacturing warehouse turned inner Eastside Café workshop is brewing with some of the most unique blends and techniques in the city. They are best known for inventing the reusable stainless steel filter that brews something halfway between a French press and a pour over. These Barista’s have the home field advantage and every coffee they brew is made to order this way. Coffee like this doesn't even come close to the gas station sludge.

Courier Coffee -  these guys are Portland. With their extreme environmentalism, the roaster does all of its business and deliveries by bicycle and serves drinks in Mason jars, hand stamps and letters every one of its labels and menus. They only play vinyl on the stereo and they make their own vegan granola bars.

Sterling - this is a top above all the rest. In our tweed covered dandies and suspender wearing atmospheres, this stylish icon is like stepping into a kinfolk magazine. Dapper baristas, white linen tablecloths and fresh cut flowers add classic Art Deco to every cup of coffee.

The Red E - grunge meets college students at this high quality, artsy café located at 1006 North Killingsworth St. It operates in a small kiosk in the Pearl District eco-trust building but it is so worth it to enjoy a delicious latte or cappuccino alongside some heavily pierced college students.

This is just a small sampling of some of the most unique coffee shops in Portland but for the complete list please visit 10 essential Portland coffee for more.

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