The Pacific Northwest is well known for its coffee culture, and Portland has some great places to grab a cup of Joe. There are national chains as well as local roasters with fresh brews made from beans roasted in-house. If you are looking for a place to make your new weekday morning pre-work stop or a quiet hang out to meet up with friends, we have a list of the best coffee shops in Portland.

 Best Coffee and Espresso Shops in Portland

1.    Barista

A small Portland chain, with three shops in the downtown area. Barista showcases beans from local roasters all over Portland as well as beans roasted in other locations and sweet snacks from Roman Candle. Hit the Pine Street Market store if you are a tea lover to check out their vacuum-infusion tea system.


2.    Behind the Museum Cafe

A great place if you are looking for a serenely quiet atmosphere. It is perfect to catch up on some reading or work. Find a great menu of Extracto coffee drinks and a full menu if Japanese teas.


3.    Case Study Coffee

Right downtown serving up their own roasted blends and a large menu of eats from Roman Candle, Petunia’s pastries, and Bowery Bagels. This is a cozy shop with plenty of seating to get lost for hours people watching in downtown Portland.


4.    Courier Coffee Roasters

A Portland mainstay and tradition for many longtime Portland residents. Drop in to taste the homemade pastries and house-roasted coffee. In the summer enjoy delicious Japanese shaved ice.


5.    Heart Coffee Roasters

Like Pacific Northwesterners, Scandinavians know a good cup of coffee. Heart Coffee Roasters is a Scandinavian inspired cafe specializing in light roast coffees, pair one with a pastry and enjoy the west end neighborhood.


6.    Ole Latte Coffee

Okay, so this one isn’t your traditional brick and mortar sit down coffee shop. Ole Latte Coffee is a cart you can find parked outside of Portland State. This is a great place to go for a quick weekday morning jolt and to give some more pick-me-up to your day you can participate in the “suspended coffee” program, a pay it forward program of sorts for anyone in need of a lift.


7.    Ristretto Roasters

A unique couple of cafes offering wonderful espressos and teas in the morning and day then come back in the evening for great atmosphere and apres work wine and beer. If you go, order one of their macchiatos or Jasmine Pearl tea.


8.    Spella Caffe

Just a tiny little cafe tucked into the bottom of an office building, but don’t let the size fool you it is packed full of customers and for good reason. Grab a coffee to go at this Italian cafe or a delicious Affogato, hot espresso poured over gelato.


9.    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The most popular and widely known coffee shop in Portland. There are multiple locations and you won’t be sorry ordering the famous Stumptown cold brew.


10.  Water Avenue Coffee

Now available in two locations, this local roaster is growing for a reason. Their coffee is delicious. The flagship in Southeast Portland serves a full breakfast and lunch menu while the new downtown location offers their signature coffees with a grab and go case and pastries you would expect to see in a coffee shop.


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