Best neighborhoods in Portland for foodies

Portland, in general, is rapidly becoming known as a foodie mecca of the United States. We’re constantly featured on best foodie neighborhood in PortlandFood Network, seen in magazines, on travel channels and more. If you’re a foodie and love to experience the best of the best, the Portland area certainly for you. But there are some neighborhoods that specialize in eclectic flavors and unique tastes specific for the foodie lover and all of us.

The Pearl district is one concentrated foodie mecca. With over 42 restaurants, more growing each month, food lovers have a variety of tastes and styles to choose from. Yelp gives all of them at least 4 to 5 stars and whether you’re looking for kitschy Italian, the best of the microbrews, ultra French, or just really good gelato and ice cream, the Pearl district has it all.

The Pearl district is right downtown on the West side of the Willamette River between the riverbank and 405. Encompassing several blocks along Broadway and Glisan, check out amazing spots such as the Bridgeport Brewpub with handcrafted beers and local ales. The Paragon offers great brasserie-style cuisine perfect for mingling, that first or second date, or a cozy dinner for two. The Park Kitchen offers seasonal and local ingredients. There’s also tried-and-true familiar offering such as PF Chang’s China bistro and Sinju Sushi Bar and Grill. For phenomenal Spanish coffee, head over to Huber’s where the bartender will dazzle you with flame throwing elegance and craftsmanship. Whether it’s breakfast, casual lunch, or any type of dinner you can think of, the Pearl district’s offerings provide enough variety to satisfy any palate.

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Another foodie neighborhood is the Clinton and Richmond neighborhood. While the Pearl may offer some of the most delectable and expensive tastes on the menu, the Clinton and Richmond neighborhoods offer more affordable fare. Portland’s best fried chicken is located at the dive bar Reel M Inn and Pok Pok dishes up some amazing Thai food. While the Pearl district has all the up-and-coming eclectic and trendy bars and bistros, the Clinton-Richmond neighborhood offers all the hole in the wall and dive bars the locals talk about for years. Enjoy a beer sausage spaetzle at Victory Bar enjoying the boys after work at Sunshine Tavern for a pint or two.

The Clinton and Richmond neighborhoods of Portland are located on the east side of the river just South of I84 in amongst residential neighborhoods, parks and schools.

Make you want to live here, doesn’t it?

Well if you’re interested in completely immersing yourself in one of Portland’s trendy foodie neighborhoods, give me a call and let’s discuss real estate options, homes are condos in one of these popular neighborhoods. I look forward to joining you at one of Portland’s most talked about hotspots.