Looking for the best neighborhoods in Portland? While I can’t break any equal housing laws I can offer you tips and reviews on what others think (and maybe a little of my opinion thrown in).Best neighborhoods in Portland

It all depends on what you’re looking for as well. Good schools? Trendy bookstores and coffee shops or close walking distance to parks and markets? All of these evoke a different kind of buyer so here’s a good break down on what others say about the best neighborhoods in Portland.

Portland has six major quadrants; the North, Northwest, Northeast, South West, Southeast and East. Each has different neighborhoods from new subdivisions to trendy condominiums and historical neighborhoods as well.

Across the board, nearly every website and review out there is going to name the Pearl District as one of the best neighborhoods in Portland. However, this is all relative because it may not be kid friendly since there are more apartments, condominiums and nightly entertainment than just about any other district in Portland. The Pearl District is great for condos and apartments, trendy coffee shops, hipster hangouts, bookstores, concert venues and popular eateries. Homes in this neighborhood can range from about $250,000 to over $1 million for luxury penthouse condos.

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The Northwest district has several different neighborhoods that are popular with visitors and locals alike. It's nestled near Forest Park and 23rd Ave., which has many shopping options and beautiful parks. There are also awesome restaurants in this area such as Jake's Famous Crawfish, Park Kitchen, and the Farm Café. These homes range from about $300,000-$800,000 and offer larger lots and a good balance of older and newer homes.

Goose Hollow is a unique neighborhood with a mix of all things old and new. It borders downtown and is one of the original neighborhoods of Portland. It's close to Forest Park, Nob Hill, and Arlington Heights. This neighborhood also has beautiful views of the downtown area. In addition to views it has parks, trails, stairs and is the perfect walkable neighborhoods with lush gardens such as the Portland Japanese Garden and the Rose Test Tea Garden for nature lovers.

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In North Portland, Arbor Lodge and University Park are both considered some of the more popular neighborhoods of downtown. They’re close to the freeway and provide easy commuting access for those that work and play in the downtown Portland area. It's easily accessible by car, bicycle, bus or train and University Park displays an eclectic and hipster vibe with beautiful homes, old-growth trees, and historical buildings. Properties in these neighborhoods can start at $100,000 and easily go as high as $800,000 depending on the style, condition, and size.

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One of the best ways to find a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle, budget and tastes is to simply call me and discuss your preferences. Because I live, work and play all around the Portland metro area I can help you find the right place for you and/or your family. If you are relocating to the Portland area there are so many different options I wouldn't want you to miss a great neighborhood that's tailor-made for you.