Portland, Oregon is a unique blend of outdoor activities and vibrant arts and culture. With such stunning features such as rivers, mountains, and forests, Portland has a vast collection of pathways and trails perfect for a morning run or an afternoon stroll.

These routes have been proposed by various Portland running sites such as Great Runs Portland and The Portland Running Company.

These trails are some of the most scenic and peaceful in the city and can all be found in the greater Portland area. So, grab your sneakers and a water bottle and check them out soon!The Best Walking & Jogging Trails in Portland

Forest Park

Forest Park in the largest interurban park in the United States with over 5,000 acres of land to enjoy. The park’s elaborate pathway system includes over 80 miles of various trail types for runners with varying preferences. The area can be described as a collection of iconic trails and scenic views – perfect for runners of all levels of experience.

Springwater Corridor

The Springwater Corridor offers both walking/running and biking trails to be enjoyed by Portland residents. This trail runs through the iconic Downtown Portland waterfront as well as many well-known parks and museums in the Portland area.

If you are looking for a trail with waterfront views and easy access, then the Springwater Corridor is a perfect route to try.

Esplanade Loop

Another waterfront, multiuse pathway, the Esplanade Loop along the Willamete River. The many bridges that cross the river helps runners lengthen or shorten the loop depending on their experience levels or preference. The loops can range from two to four miles and offer stunning views of the Willamete River and Downtown Portland.

Washington Park

If you are looking for a challenging trail with varying elevation, the trails through Washington Park are an excellent option for you next run. The area is also home to the Washington Park Amphitheatre and the Portland Japanese Gardens.

This trail can also be used for an afternoon walk or by cyclists as the trails include bike pathways through the park.

Barlow Road

Barlow Road is a historic running route in Portland, Oregon that was first built in 1845 by the Oregon pioneer Samuel Barlow. This trail helped the first generation of Portland residents to the city safely pass the Columbia River and is still enjoyed today by many Portland residents. This scenic run through Oregon’s iconic old-growth forests is an excellent, double pathway to consider for your next run or walk.

If you pick one of the above trails to walk or run, always be safe and enjoy the beauty that Portland has to offer.