Afford? You would think that IS the reason you're trying to sell it yourself... to save money but surprisingly many homeowners actually lose more money trying to sell a home by themselves than had they simply utilized the help of a listing agent. 

Here's WhyCan you afford to sell your home yourself?

Selling your home is emotional. If a buyer comes in with a lowball offer you may be so insulted that you cannot remain professional. It can hurt when you have to deal with a buyer that offers a figure so low you'd think they wanted you to give the home away for free. A real estate agent can help navigate and renegotiate those offers. 

Because you don't know how your house smells. Yep, I said it... you've lived there so long it's like that commercial that says you've gone "nose-blind" to your own odor. Maybe it's dog smell, cat litter box, musty or moldy, etc.. a real estate agent will be able to tell you what to do and what to change otherwise you'll just have potential buyers fleeing the scene faster than you can say "garbage odor".

Do you know thousands of people? Maybe but your agent knows more and the right people. Your agent is literally connected to thousands of buyer through the MLS. This is where most buyers start and you can't have your home listed on the MLS without a licensed agent. You may be missing the opportunity to show your home to hundreds of buyers... or you can just put an ad in the paper and reach maybe 10.

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Is it charming and cozy or tiny and outdated? A real estate agent will be honest with you about your home. It may be tough to hear but if you don't know what buyers want you can't give them that and you'll end up settling for far less on a sale. 

Do you really know how to price your home? You might think it's worth $30,000 over market value because you put in that outdoor kitchen. But now, the backyard is overgrown and you still think your home is worth what it was valued at in 2006. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. The point is, you don't know for sure what buyers are willing to pay for your home. A trained agent that deals with market values every day can offer the truth about what your home is really worth. You don't want to sit on the market for weeks with the wrong price. 

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Is it you? Are you the reason you don't want to sell it yourself? Are you hovering over buyers as they tour your home, interrupting their agent, talking over their head, crowding buyers? All of these things can deter buyers from staying longer or wanting to see more of the house. Letting a buyer view the home with their agent in peace can be one of the biggest pluses to not listing your house yourself.

There are about a hundred other reasons not to try and sell your house yourself but if you've heard enough give me a call now. We can talk about how much it really costs to sell your house and I can offer the best tips and changes to appeal to a wide range of buyers. 

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